Moscow Demographic Summit - 2011
(report from the Russian State Social University)

On June, 30th, at the Russian State Social University (RSSU), the Moscow Demographic Summit “The Family and the Future of Humankind” continued its work.

On that day, global demographic problems were discussed at three round tables. The topics discussed included depopulation, overpopulation, the crisis of the family and marriage institutions, a role of government bodies as well as of religious and public organizations in strengthening of the family. Causes of family breakups and ways of overcoming the factors that negatively influence on the demographic situation—abortions, drugs, alcoholism, etc.

Discussing their specific themes, all participants always concluded that close international collaboration is absolutely necessary for solving the today\'s demographical problems.


Lawrence Jacobs, Managing Director, and Global Coordinator of the World Congress of Families, not only pointed out that the problems are common for the whole world, but also has expressed his opinion of what role in solving them could play Russia.

“I consider, what exactly Russia can give to the world hope of the future. Probably, in the USA we have already reached that position when disintegration of families is too critical, and now your help, your experience is necessary for us. The present American families struggle with the same problems, as well as Russian are abortions, divorces and other. And as a support the Christian belief serves in their struggle. Our countries are defined by the general Christian heritage,” he said


Rector RSSU Vasily Zhukov also spoke about international cooperation and practical experience in this area:

“We have made contracts with 15 universities of the USA. And this summit coincides with a very important event—the end of our teamwork with the University of Carolina on writing the book The family and family education: the cross-cultural analysis.”

During the summit, a training seminar was carried out: “Leadership and conservative business.” Using an example of the World Congress of Families, Lawrence Jacobs shared experience in organizing social projects, fund-raising, and proactive using of the Web for these purposes.

As a  result of the summit, a final declaration was issued, where it is emphasized that

“the family is the basic cell of a society and fundamental social value which underlies existence of world civilizations and all mankind. The family acts as an uncontested condition of preservation and stable development of all nations and the states, a base and integral condition of demographic well-being.”

Participants expressed their worry about the global depopulation and the crisis of family institution.

“We call on the governments of all nations and on international institutions to develop immediately a pro-family demographic policy and to adopt a special international pro-family strategy and action plan aimed at consolidating family and marriage, protecting human life from conception to natural death, increasing birth rate, and averting the menace of depopulation.”

At the end the summit, there was a presentation of awards to some participants.

By the decision of Academic council RSSU, President of the World Congress of Families Alan Carlson and Ambassador Alan Keyes were awarded a title of Honourable doctor of the RSSU, and the higher award of the University—Peter the Great Golden Sign.


Rector of the RSSU Vasily Zhukov was handed the WCF\'s award for selfless labour for the good of family and for a great assistance in organizinng the summit.

Also awarded: Minister for social, family and youth affairs Miklosh Soltents (Hungary); President “Sanctity of Motherhood” social program Natalia Yakunina; Director of Demographic Research Institute (Moscow) Igor Beloborodov; Chairman of the summit\'s organizing committee Alexey Komov; Head of Orthodox Center for Pro-Life Education “Zhizn” Fr. Maxim Obuhov.

All participants of the Moscow Demographic Summit expressed profound gratitude to the organizers for the possibility of participation in this important international event as well as for a very high level of the event\'s organization.

Representatives of the World Congress of Families emphasized a special role of the Russian State Social University and National public committee “Russian family.” Being among the main partners of the summit, representatives of these organizations were not only active participants of all discussions but also rendered an invaluable assistance to carry out the summit.

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