Using promotion of homosexuality
to advantage of true family and true parenthood
\"\" Marijo Zivkovic, co-director of Family Center in Zagreb (Croatia)

For reporting at the Moscow Demographic Summit

In year 2002, when in Croatia the former communists were in power, with help of foreign anti family forces, in Croatia was started noisy and loud promotion of homosexual behaviour. Because of intelligent and widespread educational efforts by pro family forces,  this promotion of homosexual behaviour had generaly beneficial effects in Croatia. Pro family people started to care more about proper information about homosexual behaviour and protection of children from pro homosexual propaganda.

How we do it?  We use four main arguments:

1.   Homosexual behaviour is wrong because by it a person refrains from greatest creativ power available to human person a Parenthood:

  • that argument is very important. It gives us opportunity to remind peoploe about value, dignity and importance of each human person regardless of any characteristic, successes of failures or anything accidental to anyone.
  • that argument gives us opportunity to explain what is true Parenthood and what is true Family and true Marriage love.

(We prefere an expression “True Family” in place of “Natural Family.” In our culture word “natural” brings association of landscape or plants and animals. Expression “True Family” makes often people think about what is True Family, and we have good starting point for explenations).


2. Promiscous heterosexual behaviour is much worse then homosexual behaviour, because it is misuse of parental creativity, which leads to killing of unborn children and abandoning of born children:

  • that argument is important because it changes discussion from confrontation between homosexuals and heterosexuals promoted by homosexuals, to discussion about what is right, just and good and what is wrong, unjust and bad.
  • it also gives opportunity to accentuate wrongm+ness of promiscuous behaviour to opponents of homosexuality.

3. Person decides according to which inclination she or he will behave, and which will refuse to follow.

  • that argument makes un important discussion of sources of    inclinations – is it genetic or educational. Who cares in one\'s inclination to steal, to be violent, to lie, to insult – is genetic or educational. We care how a person behaves, which inclination he or she follows.
  • in that context we are not satisfied with general statement that homosexuality is illness. Illness implies that a person can not behave differently.
  • we would agree that inclination can be called illness, but behaviour not.

4.People of homosexual behaviour depend on kindness of people who have several children to have their  pensions paid, and have something to eat in their old age, same as heterosexual people who by their decision stay childless because they to not love children enough:

  • on question regarding celibate priests, religious and other persons consecrated to God through Cath.Church, we say that such persons, when they live their vocations sincerely, help at least seven children to be born, who would otherwise be killed before birth.

Right to express negative position regarding homosexual behaviour and right of parents to forbid minor children to be in company of people of homosexual or promiscous behaviour

We insist and promote notion that there is substantial number of people who are against violence, insulting, humiliating, ridiculing or ironising any person, regardless of  his or her look, position in society, behaviour or any other characteristic, also people of homosexual or promiscuous behaviour.

We also promote a fact that it is inalienable right of any person to express negative opinion or position about homosexual or promiscuous behaviour, and that parents have right to discurage any promiscuous or homosexual act or behaviour of their children, also by forbiding their minor children to keep company of people of homosexual and promiscuous behaviour.

Unfortunatelly we in Croatia encounter that some of promotors of homosexuality any such opinion call promotion of hate and violence.

Following text we publish and distribute in tens of thousands copies, (until June 2011. 80.000 – in Italy it would mean about 1.100.000 copies, in Russia much more) and there was until now no reaction of associations which promote homosexual behaviour. They know which arguments are unrefutable.

As You will see if You read following text we avoid anything what could be understood as insult to anybody.

Without mentioning directly we anyway make very hard for promotors of hom.beh. to present any criticism of hom.beh. as language of hate, as some of them try to do.

We intentionally speak about homosexual behaviour, not about homosexuality or homosexuals. By speaking about homosexual behaviour we easier come to point that  decision to behave certain way is the cause of homosexual acts and behaviour. That also helps to promote point that any inclination can be accepted but also refused.

Our general experience is that when we come out with non religious, effective arguments our opponents are silent. Such is our experience when we publish our arguments regarding IVF, about sex education, AIDS, promiscuity etc

Here is text we publish:

Family life is the most important part or area of any person\'s life. Over three quarters of everything we experience, good or bad, beautiful or terrible, we experience from members of our family, whether parental or our own.

True family

A true, successful, beautiful and joyful family is based on a freely and personally chosen, tender, unconditional, growing, respectful towards oneself and others, irrevocable, engaged, serious, mature and joyful love between one man and one woman, and on a similar kind of love by both of them toward all of their children born or unborn, future or present.

Family and parenthood

The best conditions for achieving  seccesful parenthood, what is the greatest creativity available to man or woman, exist within a true family.  

A man and a woman start their new son or daughter from special, precious parts of their bodies (sperm and ovum) which inseparably unite during conception. During this event – the conception, the color of eyes, hair or skin is decided, physiognomy, fingerprints and gender is decided. At that event started existence of each of us. From that event each of us is male or female. Three weeks after that event a heart, which beats now in our chest started to beat and move blood through our tiny body. Blood which was often of different blood type then mother\'s blood.

With their love and work parents enable their child, no larger than the tip of a pencil at the beginning (conception), to develop and grow into an adult independent, kind, honest, smart, hardworking and joyful person.

That introductory text give us opportunity to state and repeat scientific data about unborn children. It also give opportunity to describe a catholic marriage with non religious vocabulary. It is good for our people and opponents.

Human beings are valuable

All people, regardless of their religiosity, atheism or any other view, agree that one person, any and each human being, is more valuable than the biggest factory, the richest bank or the most beautiful work of art.

Every child of ours is worth more than the entire universe.

Parents are the authors of their children

Parents are more authors of their child than Michelangelo was the author of Pieta, which is admired and seen by millions of people every year. Michelangelo had to go to a mountain to get the marble for Pieta, while parents start their child from tiny  pieces of their own bodies.

A woman is woman because she can be a mother

By everything else she could be a man. A man is a man because he can be a father. By everything else he could be a woman. Man is succesful as a man as much as he is succesful as a father. A woman is succesful as woman as much she is succesful as mother.

Success in parenthood means success in femininity, or success in masculinity.

A true man is a true father and a true woman is a true mother

A true and successful man is the one who successfully develops and accomplishes within himself a true, serious and mature fatherly love.  A true and successful woman is the one who successfully develops within herself a true, serious, tender and efficient motherly love. In a true family the man and the woman, as parents of the same children, jointly accomplish successful and true masculinity and femininity.

Consensus on what makes a family

There is a consensus by all of the six or seven billion people living on Earth who agree that the woman and a man married for life with their children is a true family.

There is no consensus between all the people, nor will there ever be one, that polygamy, polyandry, joint life by man and woman without a desire to have children, temporary joint life of a man and a woman, the joint life of two homosexual people, is a true marriage or a true family.

That point reminds everybody that they also recognize our concept of family as a family, despite we do not recognize two man living together as a family.

All people can behave homosexually

All  psysiologicaly healthy people can behave homosexually. Some people decide to do so. Those are their own decisions.

Every person decides how to behave and is the author of his/her own behavior.

That is onet key point: homosexual act or behaviour is result of decision, not inevitable.  In same situation with same inclinations decision can be different. When we say that everybody can behave homosexually we indirectly say that they are not different such as they are, but by their behaviour.

In  that context  it is perhaps good that homosexuality is not listed as illness. Illness is by many understood as something what comes by outside factors, behaviour, decisions are coming from person who behaves.   

Inclination is one thing, behavior another

A persons can have different inclinations, even when it is against their own will, but he or she decides how to behave. He or she decides on which inclinations they wish to base their behavior on, and which incliantions they will not follow and would not  base their behavior on.

That is another key point; by making that point it becomes irrelevant and not important are homosexual inclinations caming from education and experiences in youth, or are they genetic.

Homosexual behavior is wrong

By behaving homosexually a person renounces parenthood and true parental practice and love. They renounce and do not achieve the greatest creativity available to man. They renounce the accomplishment of successful and true masculinity and femininity and that is why such behaviour is wrong.

Promiscuous heterosexual behavior is even worse

By behaving homosexually a person renounces parenthood, and by promiscuous sexual behavior a man or a woman misuse and abuse parenthood and their parenting capabilities. They often conceive a child, become parents, and then do not give their children true parental love, some children they kill by abortion, some abandon and only some of children by change of their hearts start to love and care for them.

That is third key point; by implication we say there is no conflict between so called homosexuals and heterosexuals, but between constructivity and destructivity. By stating that heterosexual promiscuous behaviour is worse then homosexual behaviour, we show in one more way,  that we are against unjust and destreuctive behaviour not against people who behave homosexualy.

Respecting a person does not mean approving their behavior

Every person, by the very fact that she or he is a human being, has the right to our respect. Respecting someone means we consider them valuable, listen to their opinion, think and talk about it seriously becuase it is their opinion, the opinion of a human being. If they advocate a wrong opinion and behave badly, we will not ridicule, ironize or insult them. We condamn wrong, unjust and bad behaviour, but not a person who behaves badly. Bad behavior can be ridiculed, but a human being not.

Declareing a behavior bad, does not mean insult for people who behave badly und unacceptably

When we say that homosexual behavior is bad, that promiscuous behavior is bad, that terminating the lives of unborn children is bad, that disrespectful behavior, poor performance of one\'s duties, careless driving, drunkenness, drug abuse, wastefulness and other forms of detrimental behavior are bad, we do not insult those who behave that way. We call on them to understand and accept that they are behaving in a bad and detrimental manner and we encourage them to replace their bad and detrimental behavior with a good and useful one.

To call someone homosexual or lesbian is not nice and correct

Homosexual behavior is only a part of a person\'s behavior. Calling someone a special name because they act badly in a certain area is not nice and correct.

Everyone should be respected and everyone should be treated kindly despite eventual bad behavior. With a kind relationship and behavior we are more successful in warning people about unacceptable behavior and remind them about fact that everyone can change for the better.

We who have several children care of well being of people who behave homosexualy

Directors of Family Center have a six children. In Croatia a number of people who earn salary is about the same as number of people who get retirement pay.

Our six children work. Two of them provide for retirement pay of two of us, four other provide for retirement pay for four people of our age who do not have children. By our parental love, care and work we secured retirement pay for some people who as result of their decisions to behave homosexualy do not have children. They should be thankful and respect couples who have several children.

That last point keep them breathless. Obvious is that they actually expect to live as retired people at expence of us who have several children. In one way it shows inappropriety of their way of life.

Catholic Church (in Russia we can say Russian Ortodox Church—M. Z.) is a best friend of people who behave homosexualy or promioscuously

Catholic Church consistently and permanently invites all people to not be violent to anybody, to not insult anybody, not ridicule, humiliate or ironise anypne, also persons who behave homosexualy or promiscuously.

Church calls such people to positive change of their behaviour and offers means and methods to leave homosexual and promiscuous behaviour and realize beautiful, joyful and successful family life and parenthood.

Few years ago one commercial national  TV station organised debate between me and few people I bring with me and main media promotor of homosexuality. I used described arguments, and they never emmited tape of that debate. A man who was my opponent after few months stopped to speak publicly about homosexuality.

In this text we do not  use religious arguments.There are also other non religious arguments, and very important religious arguments to be used.

How many of them there are

We read and hear  fantasies about number of homosexuals in society. It was reported in Croatia press that a US demographer says that in US there are between 20 and 30 millions of homosexuals. He at least says that he counts any person who experienced homosexual inclinations or had committed any homosexual act. By that method of counting we can say that in US there are 300 millions of violent persons or thiefs, because every citizen of US from time to time has inclination to be violent or to take something what does not belongs to him.

Few days ago a national daily in Zagreb published statement of one teathre director who said that in Croatia 10% of people are homosexuals. I called him on the phone and asked if he was correctly quoted. He said: Yes. I commented that it means that in Croatia there are 450.000 homosexuals (Croatia population is 4.500.000). He said: “Yes in Zagreb 120.000.” I asked: ”Where are they?” He said: “They are hiding.”

A friend was few years ago in St. Louis, Minnesota on Sunday when in central city park there was so called gay festival. By size of surface covered with people, he came that at most 30.000 people were there, with observers as he was included.

Tomorrow US national newspapers wrote that in St Louis 350.000 people attended gay festival.

In Zagreb, Croatia there are for 10 years their manifestations. Never attended more then few hundred people together with people from neighbouring countries, heavily financed by EU.

I asked one of leaders of their organisations: “With how many people members of  Your organisations are in personal contact?” With all his adding he could not come to more then few thousands.

They are few but with help of generous financving make great noise.

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