WWF and a population control activist:
bloody celebration of the October Revolution
\"\" Fr. Maxim Obukhov, head of Orthodox Center for Pro-Life Education “Zhizn”; president of All-Russian NGO “In defense of life and family values”

I want to draw your attention to the mass killing that happened in Moscow on the 7th of November— a sad day of the Great October Socialist Revolution\'s anniversary.


The killer, Dmitry Vinogradov, a lawyer of a Moscow pharmacy chain, came to his office and fired point-blank at his colleagues; 6 of them died.

However, it was not only a crime committed by a completely mad person who wanted to revenge himself on his ex-girlfriend (she survived during the firing).

Right on the day of the murder, Vinogradov posted a Breivik-like manifesto to his blog. According to what he declared, Vinogradov was completely brainwashed by promoters of birth control and “overpopulation” ideas. His writings about too many people living on Earth and the necessity of reducing the number of them is clearly inspired by Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, WWF (where he worked as a volunteer, though for a little), etc.

Thus, the population-control minded WWF and others with their anti-human ideas are also responsible for this bloodshed in Moscow.

Mass media seems to not focus on Vinogradov\'s ani-human ideology; the photos proving his activity in WWF are deleted from his blog (I saw them).

Please, spread this information.

Read more about the case — http://rt.com/news/rigla-killer-five-dead-161/

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