XVIII Asia Pacific Congress
on Faith, Family and Life
\"\" Igor Beloborodov, Ph.D, Editor-in-Chief of  Demographia.ru, member of  the Expert Council of the CIS Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation, Director of  Demographic Research Institute (Moscow), Head of the Charity Fund for Protection of Family, Motherhood and Childhood (the first Russian crisis pregnancy center), Vice Chairman of the All-Russian public organization “For life and protection of family values”

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The 18th Asia-Pacific Congress of faith, family and life was held in September 16–18, 2011 in the capital of Kazakhstan. The main organizer of the event was Human Life International.

A brief report on the results of the Congress is presented below.

The level of the Congress was high in all respects—beginning with the venue and ending with the content of the reports.


It was impossible not to notice the very original emblem of the Congress. It was everywhere—in the center of the hall, on folders, badges, T-shirts, leaflets, etc. To be honest, I did not see an image of a large family on it at once, thinking that it was simply a set of bright shapes of different sizes. When I managed to see the whole beauty of the emblem\'s concept, then the author\'s creativity was appreciated. As it turned out, it was created by a professional designer from India, on a completely voluntary basis.

The Motto of the Congress sounded brightly: “You are the light of the world.”

According to the Kazakh tradition, even at the doors of the main hall the guests were greeted by girls wearing the costumes of their country. The attractiveness of traditional costumes encouraged the guests —they took a lot of photos.



The congress began with the unforgettable ceremony of presentation of the participants. This procedure implied the removal of the flag on the stage accompanied by the girls in national dresses and a short greeting in their native language. Many participants were wearing the costumes of their countries.

\"\"    \"\"


The delegation from the Philippines was the most remarkable. It was not only the largest but also prepared a very loud and impressive greeting to the Congress. Looking at these active people, you can easily understand why the Philippines has been attacked by international anti-family powers.


The honour to carry the flag of the Russian Federation was given to Galina Maslennikova and me. Probably, Olympic athletes feel the same way, while carrying the flag of the country: solemnity and great responsibility.


In conclusion of the ceremony of the presentation there was a small concert of Kazakh musicians playing dombra (Kazakh stringed folk instrument).


Despite tyhe Congress was declared to have only a regional status, limited by the Asian continent, there were participants from many different countries. In addition to the representatives of the host country, there were participants from Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Japan, Korea, and Uzbekistan.

The working languages of the Congress were Russian and English. The first was used more often. All speeches were interpreted in both directions by three professional interpreters.

Three officials of ministerial level attended the plenary section. It is noteworthy that one of the first greetings was made by the Deputy Chairman of the national commission for women and demographic policy under the President of Kazakhstan. Hearty words were also said to the participants by the bishops of the Catholic Church Tomasz Peta, Ignacio Bareiro, etc.

Among the majority of the speeches of the representatives of the Roman Catholic religion, the position of the Russian Orthodox Church was presented at the Congress as well. Moscow archpriest Maxim Obukhov and orthodox priests and laymen from other cities of Kazakhstan and Russia represented Orthodox Church. In general, in the course of the Congress, the issues of life protection and family values were considered by representatives of various confessions.





The reports came after official greetings.


The first report was the one by the executive director of Human Life International in the Asia-Pacific region Dr. Ligaya Acosta from the Philippines.

Throughout her life, this fragile but very ambitious woman, testified about priority of family values. Dr. Ligaya Acosta was the ninth child in the family of a poor fisherman but that did not stop her. In spite of that, she became a specialist in this field. As she said : “A new child in the family is not only an extra mouth, but also a pair of hands and feet.”

In her speech Dr. Ligaya Acosta criticized contemporary forms of reproductive-demographic genocide. According to represented data, about 70 million surgical abortions are made every year in the world.

The main idea of the report was expressed in the following way:

Total population control


The next speaker was Brian Clowes, the director of the HLI for research and training, the father of seven children. It was Brian who in 2001 could influence the US Congress under president Bush. He managed to gain the abolition of the funding programmes of the United Nations Population Fund. Together with his wife they struggle for the defence of life and family all around the world for more than 50 years.

In his speech, Dr. Brian Klaus revealed the purpose of birth control by international institutions on a global scale.

One of them was named “the colonization of consciousness” of people in developing countries. Brian was not afraid to call things by their names and announced in public that the main players on the field of demographic control are in Washington. In his opinion, these organisations should be named “big gun.” Judging the financial opportunities (which were also disclosed at the time of the report), they are the weapons of mass destruction.

In Dr.Klaus opinion, five anti-life organizations, which are the most dangerous :

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation (International Federation of family planning);
  • UNFPA (UN Population Fund),
  • Marie Stopes International,
  • Center for Reproductive Rights (Centre of protection of reproductive rights),
  • International Medical Corps.

The first three organizations (IPPF, UNFPA, MSI) and only from the United States are annually paid 584 million dollars. On the whole, the anti-life "consortium " owns multibillion-dollar budgets.

By the way, the above-mentioned Center for Reproductive Rights (The center of protection of reproductive rights) has a scandalous reputation in Russia. The European Bureau of the reproductively-minded community should work out the measures how to force Russian politicians to prevent the legal humanization of legislation, regulating abortion.

In a word, Brian Klaus is the man who is interesting to listen to for hours. His main characteristics are professionalism multiplied by analytical mind and desire for truth. Two of the reports of this speaker, which were done by him, became a scientific core of the Congress.

Brian Clowes\' reports outlines are available here—



The next speaker was archpriest Maxim Obukhov. He represented the Russian Orthodox Church as a priest and as a leader of the Russian movement for the defence of life at the same time. He founded this organisation almost 20 years ago.

The main emphasis in the report of the Fr. Maxim was made on the need for real work. Only a real systematic activity, not pursuing any additional purposes, is the main point in the struggle for life and family. It is very important to the protection of life not to be substituted for a negative content. Our goal is to spread Christian love and help all those people who are in need.

These basic principles unite Human Life International and All-Russian public organization “For life and protection of family values” and Center for Pro-Life Education “Zhizn” ( “Life”) headed by Fr. Maxim.

Fr Maxim called assisted reproductive technology (ART) and improved abortions among the main threats of modernity. There is a great chance of quick displacement of surgical abortions by chemical and more sophisticated methods of contraception, which puts on the agenda the necessity of a completely different work strategy and other arguments for the target group.


After series of interesting and useful presentations it was my turn to “say a word.” Without exaggeration, in comparison with such outstanding speakers I found it difficult to talk at the appropriate level, but the topic was announced and the presentation was ready...

The topic\'s name was “Overpopulation or coming extinction? Global demographic trends.” And I am grateful to the organizers for their request to present the demographic perspective in such an unusual way, which is deliberately ignored nowadays by world leaders and the majority of the mass media.

In my report I tried to synthesize the demonstrative demographic facts from other reports and the results of my new researchs, including those regarding negative demographic agenda on the big international arena.


The problem was of high interest among all groups of participants—students, doctors, pro-life activists, government officials, members of the clergy, etc. There is not much information available on the problem, and I fell the real desire of the audience to learn the objective data.

As it seemed to me, the most amazing for the audience was a fact that, according to some calculations, all the current population of the Earth can be comfortably house in an area that is equal to the territory of Australia.

Later on, a round of questions in an open forum was devoted to the so-called myth of overpopulation as well as to forced birth control.

The text of Igor Beloborodov\'s report (in Russian) is available here—


The final chord of the first day of the Congress was a unique speech by the leader of Polish pro-life-movement, a representative of Human Life International in Europe Ewa Kowalevski.


For the first time I had a chance to hear a comprehensive and profound criticism of feminism from a woman. It is feminism, in Kowalewski opinion, that is the main reason for denial of motherhood.

Like any other system of anti-family views, feminism is a kind of detonator of birth rate and happy family life. The objectives of feminism are not just propaganda of aggressive competition with men and maximum separation of the society on the gender basis. In its aggressive forms, feminism promote abortions and homosexuality.

As a result, denial of femininity and motherhood leads to the demographic crisis, which has already overwhelmed all Europe.

“Feminism is dangerous for the future of the peoples,” Eva Kovalevski pointed out in the conclusion. There were wild, mostly women\'s, applause in response.


The second and third days of the Congress were full of many interesting messages, valuable communication and new contacts. But most of all I was surprised at a high popularity of the topic, also among the young participants. I noticed there were more participants on the second day than on the day the opening of the Congress. Usually it is quite the contrary.

The cause of the high attention among all age groups was a sincere interest in the subject along with the fact that the Congress\' agenda was very informative and involve many outstanding people.



The work was continued during the second day of the Congress with the report of the director for the International Coordination of Human Life International Joseph Meaney.

The topic of his report was entitled “the Global war against the birth of girls.”

According to the presented data about twenty million girls were not born over the last year (only in India) due to abortions. The destruction of girls—gendercide—is carried out with the help of new modern technologies.

It is symptomatic that the problem derives primarily from well-off and educated citizens, which breaks completely the myth of the demand for contraceptive and abortive technologies by representatives of the low-income groups of population in developing countries. According to Joseph, similar problems are observed in the states of the Caucasus—Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

As it was correctly noted, the abortion itself is not only the destruction of life but also the immense destruction of women’s health who are going through this procedure. Abortion made under the age of 18 years, 1.5 times increases the risk of breast cancer. In addition, after a woman terminated her pregnancy, she has 81 percent more risk of mental illness.

The key phrase of the speaker emphasized the need to expand women\'s rights: “One of the women\'s rights should be the right of protection against abortion.”

The text of Joseph Meaney\'s report is available here—

The real explosion of emotions, the cheers and follow-up questions were caused by a detailed report about the impact of modern contraception on a woman\'s body. The speaker was Lyudmila Barakova, a gynecologist with many years of experience.

“Contraceptologists offer us to sacrifice our reproductive function... Contraception is an element of genocide, as it is the cause of artificial infertility". These true theses were repeatedly justified by the doctor on the special charts and graphs illustrating the principle of action of hormonal contraceptives.

An appointment of hormonal pills to adolescent girls under the pretext of treatment of various diseases was called cynicism by Lyudmila Barakova. “How can girls be treated in an artificial way by putting large doses of hormones?”

In conclusion of her presentation, Ms. Barakova said the following, very valuable words:

“There are two main fears in the world. The first one is: ‘unplanned conception will happen.’ The second—‘what if conception will not happen’. Unfortunately, the second fear is becoming more and more common.”



The final chord of the Congress was the speech of Galina Maslennikova (the head of Moscow Family Center), she gave the expert assessment of the problems of depopulation and reproductive degradation at the macro level.

On the approval of an expert, without a stable marital relationships, civilizations will die out:

“One child can be born and grown up without the conjugal bonds, in an incomplete family. Two children can hardly be brought up in a single parent family, three children could be brought up only as an exception.”

"Mass birth refusal - is the suicide of the population". In the framework of the functional theory, to which the speaker professionally appealed, any society is a kind of organism. Accordingly, the failure of renewing function of generations can be interpreted as a mass social suicide. Galina Maslennikova appealed to everyone to take an active part in making a dialogue with the decision-makers in this crucial area.

Thereby, the 18th Asia-Pacific Congress of faith, family and life reached its goal. The representatives of different countries gathered once again to stand together in solving the problems of the family and unborn children. Their meeting was successful again.


Pro-life forever!

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