Round table “Maintaining Family Values in the 21st Century”
at the World Public Forum
“Dialogue of Civilizations”
\"\" Igor Beloborodov, Ph.D, Editor-in-Chief of  Demographia.ru, member of  the Expert Council of the CIS Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation, Director of  Demographic Research Institute (Moscow), Head of the Charity Fund for Protection of Family, Motherhood and Childhood (the first Russian crisis pregnancy center), Vice Chairman of the All-Russian public organization “For life and protection of family values”

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October 8, 2011. Within the framework of the IXth annual session of the World public forum “Dialogue of civilizations”, an international expert discussion on problems of family and demographic development was held in the form of a round table.

Different questions were discussed: questions of family-and-state and family-and-society relations; of economic, educational and information factors; of changes in socila positions of conjoints, parents, and children; of influence of religious, demographic and moral-and-ethical factors on the current and prospective family situation.


There were many well-known experts from all around the world among the participants:

  • Natalya Yakunina is Chairman of the Board of Trustees, "Sanctity of Motherhood" Program, vice-president of St. Andrew the First-called Foundation and wife of Vladimir Yakunin, founder and president of the World Public Forum;

  • World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs;

  • Anatoly Antonov (Professor at Moscow State Lomonosov State University);

  • Tatjana Zdanoka (Member of the European Parliament, Latvia):

  • Mofid Kamran (UK, Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative);

  • Miguel Moreno (Bolivia, Director of the Leadership Institute);

  • John DeFrain (USA, Professor of Family and Community Development at University of Nebraska-Lincoln);

  • Gilbert Crouse (USA, Senior Economist, US Department of Health and Human Services);

  • Theodore Baehr (USA, Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission/Movieguide);

  • Alexey Komov (Russia, WCF Representative in Russia and CIS);

  • Janice Shaw Crouse (USA, Concerned for Women for America);

  • Christine Vollmer (Venezuela, Founder of Latin American Alliance for the Family and Member of the Pontifical Council for the Family);

  • Thomas Ward (UK, President of the National Association of Catholic Families);

  • Igor Beloborodov (Russia, Director of Demographic Research Institute);

  • Margaret Hartshorn (USA, President of Heartbeat International);

  • Ewa Kowaleska (Poland, Human Life International Manager for Central and Eastern Europe);

  • John Smeaton (UK, President of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children);

  • Archpriest Maxim Obukhov (Russia, Head of Orthodox Medical Center Life);

  • Marguerite Peeters (Belgium, Director of Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics);

  • Henry Potrykus (USA, Senior Fellow at MARRI, Family Research Council).

The participants of the round table were strongly against the aggression towards the family in the form of a birth control policy imposed by influential international organizations.

The participants of the round table appeal to the social, political and expert groups to avoid manipulation of mass consciousness in connection with the fact that the world’s population reaches 7 billion on October, 31.

The information on overpopulation, depletion of resources, and other supposedly fatal consequences of population growth, being mass spread by the media, is unscientific. It does not take into account the crisis dynamics of demographic processes.

Global reduction in the birth rate and the rate of demographic reproduction over the last decades must also reduce to zero the someone’s overpopulation hysteria.

The true threat impending over the mankind is the future global depopulation, which has affected about half of the world\'s population today.

Pointing out the value of every human life, linking the present and future generations, participants of the round table welcomed the coming birth of the 7th billion baby.
A special emphasis was made on the need for a morally acceptable model of the family-demographic policy aimed at increasing the birth rate, support of marriage and responsible premarital behavior, prevention of divorces, harmonization of marital and child-parent relation.

Such round table is carried out for the second time at “Dialogue of civilizations” forum. It is remarkable, this time many participants came here with their families.

As a year earlier, the discussion on family and demography problems event turned out to be one of the most popular on Rhodes forum: about 30 reports were presented there.


The round table moderators acted very nobly sacrificing their performances to give the word to the others. A lot of people wanted to listen to the speeches of Natalia Yakunina and Larry Jacobs because their reports are always topical and very interesting. However, the moderators actively communicated with all participants outside the official format as well.

Now, some excerptions from the round table reports.


Anatoly Antonov
(Professor at Moscow State Lomonosov State University)


“One of the most serious mistakes politicians often make is the belief that improving the living standards will help to solve the problem.

But the best it could do is to increase the number of large families by no more than 12 per cent.

Now there is a struggle between the family and antifamily civilization. And the dialogue with antifamily civilization is impossible.

What I want to say to the antifamily civilization: step aside, do not block the way of family happiness!”



Miguel Moreno
(Bolivia, Director of the Leadership Institute)

“The state authorities must always ask the question to themselves: do the actions of the government help the well-being of the family?

What kind of message  do we send to the family and  the young?


John Smeaton
(UK, President of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children)


“Unless the pro-life movement worldwide and all citizens of good will speak up loud and clear and make this deplorable situation absolutely clear to Christian pastors—the decline into the destruction of unborn children, the destruction of parents’ rights and responsibilities and the destruction of the health and moral welfare of young people will be completed with terrifying speed.

I call upon delegates here in Rhodes and citizens of good will worldwide to heed the words of Archbishop Hilarion Afleyev, President of the Moscow Patricarchate\'s Department for External Church Relations:

‘The Christian is called to profess his faith boldly, out of love of God and of his truth, and for the salvation of his soul, for eternal life.’

Such religious and moral leadership is urgently needed for the family to survive its catastrophic destruction through the efforts and the will of powerful politicians and UN officials and the through the betrayal of families by religious leaders who have either lost their faith in God or their love for humanity.”


Dr. Thomas Ward
(UK, President of the National Association of Catholic Families)


“As a family doctor and a Christian father of seven children and nine grand children, I will share with you my own thoughts on family life.

Your homes where your children learn to love by knowing that you love them are the cradles of the new civilization.

Your example as good Christian parents provides the role model for the next generation. Children will naturally absorb sound attitudes on love, marriage and the true meaning of sexuality from good parents.

Confidently forbid any damaging sex instruction. Teach each child individually the beauty of chastity, modesty and sexuality as appropriate to his or her maturity. Only you are in the position to know what, when and how.”


Theodore Baehr
(USA, Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission/Movieguide)


“Many stars in the United States are  interested in changing the impact of the cinema on the people.

There are only six film studios, a decision of which affects millions of people. Immorality is no longer for sale.

The more immorality—the less cash charges. 74 percent of girls and 58 percent of boys do not want to watch sex scenes.

History is very important for children. Civilization, which is not able to hand over the history to children will be destroyed sooner or later.

When christian values leave TV, debauchery comes in their place.”




Margaret Hartshorn
(USA, President of Heartbeat International)

“It is not enough to speak about the fact that extramarital sex is bad, a woman must be explained why it is bad and what options  she has.

It is very important that women who have had one abortion, do not do  this again.

A very good way to the  heart of a woman  is a picture of a child through ultrasound.

Our approach is LOVE: L—listen and learn, O—open options, V—introduce new vision and values, E—extend and empower.”



Archpriest Maxim Obukhov
(Russia, Head of Orthodox Center for Pro-Life Education “Life”)

“The last century has brought us auxiliary reproductive technologies, birth rate control methods. It has come to changing sex, artificial programming of multiple pregnancy, selective abortions, which deform the population sex structure.

Now old people, when mutations have been accumulated, are also able to give birth to a child.

It is obvious that this situation requires some legal restrictions, as in the sphere of car driving or drug selling. It is not permitted to drive at high speed everywhere. Not all drugs can be bought, because  some of them can injure. These are reasonable restrictions.

Today the riches can buy a sperm cell, an ovicel of any race, eyes colors, etc. However, nobody discussed the possibility of incest when donors of spermcells are actually fathers of hundreds of children. The birth of sick children is obvious when two kindred people meet and do not know about it. Surrogate motherhood is a form of prostitution  when a woman rents herself.

“ye shall be as gods”, says to us auxiliary reproductive technologies. But in reality we get quite the opposite picture..

The key to solve the problem is realizing that life begins at the moment of conception. This is a basic moment.

Family is the fundamental unit of the society. From the moment of conception until  natural biological death, the human life is priceless. You cannot consider the man as an object of commercial exploitation. Man is the image of God.”


Igor Beloborodov
(Russia, Director of Demographic Research Institute)


“Modern threats to family, unfortunately, have become a priority of the international population policy. The most recent attack on the family and fertility is taking place at the same time our event is being held.

As  it is known, on October 31, 2011  the world population will have reached 7 billion. Of course, UNFPA and many other  antifamily organizations could not miss a  chance. They have organized a violent campaign under the title ‘7 billion.’ The goal of this large-scale campaign is to persuade everybody that the world is overpopulated and  people need to strengthen the control of the birth rate.

The birth rate is declining on all continents of the planet. The aim of this informational aggression full of lies  is to push up sales of contraceptives, to increasethe number of abortions, to make homosexuality more popular, etc.

I think, here at the round table, we could give our expert judgement  about 7 billion world popuation. We must greet the 7th billion baby and warn the world that it could be  the last billion. The pace of demographic growth is decaying. The growth itself is provided mainly by only 39 countries of Africa, where, as anywhere, the fertility rate is declinung, though with a delay relaytive to other countries.

The world is going down to the non-existence. The international policy of the birth control, which is supported by the UN and many other influential organizations, is suicidal. This is nothing but negation of the future of mankind.”



Christine Vollmer
(Venezuela, Founder of Latin American Alliance for the Family and Member of the Pontifical Council for the Family)

“The future is usually discussed by adults. But the real changes in society can be made by those  who are now children. It is very important that the children are brought up by means of correct values and  right goals.

We have an effective tool (method): educational course ‘Life in the world.’ This is a 12-year program that requires 1 hour per week. It has been  already tested  in 15 countries and has shown a good result.

This is  education through history influencing the emotions. They teach  children how to be good, how to behave in this or that situation. We do culturally adopted programs in different countries.

We avoid erotica and admiration of  sex  as it leads to the destruction of families.”


Ewa Kowaleska
(Poland, Human Life International Manager for Central and Eastern Europe)


“Hedonism, careerism, feminism  destroy  motherhood. Feminists  call openly for the abolition of motherhood. It is a social revolution. This is a new style of life, which destroy  family and motherhood.

Some of the feminists (as an exception), in a certain period of time in their  life , press  the “button”  to give birth to a single baby.”




Henry Potrykus
(USA, Senior Fellow at MARRI, Family Research Council)

“Many countries face the problem of declining population. For example, Germany and France that are losing their own population but the immigration is growing.

The UN and the IPPF launch  programs  of  the depopulation. Sexual norms are outside the family norms and this leads to a demographic crisis.

At the same time, the prosperity and decline of society depends on demographic factors. 75% of the production growth is at the expense of the employees, i.e .due to a human factor. Depopulation (the previous generation is not replaced by living generation) slow down the growth of  an industrial capital.

The decline in the birth rate leads to stagnation, even in the most powerful economies of the world.”

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