Child-free policy and anti-reproductive technologies:
an attempt to deny the future

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\"\" Igor Beloborodov, Ph.D, Editor-in-Chief of  Demographia.ru, member of  the Expert Council of the CIS Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation, Director of  Demographic Research Institute (Moscow), Head of the Charity Fund for Protection of Family, Motherhood and Childhood (the first Russian crisis pregnancy center), Vice Chairman of the All-Russian public organization “For life and protection of family values”

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\"\"Reported at the round table

“Maintaining Family Values in the 21st Century
(Family as the key to resolve all major problems of the humankind)”

that took place within the framework of
World Public Forum
“Dialogue of Civilizations”

(October, 2011, Rhodes, Greece)



Unfortunately, many of the current negative phenomena are not deviations from the norm any more. Today, many of them have become priorities of the international policy.

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Anti-life determinations of the most powerful politicians and UN officials

Global threats to family and life


Not all destructive factors are listed on the slide, since in my short speech I cannot speak about all of them in detail. Drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking are also to be put in the list. Alcohol and tobacco companies have the same effect as abortion clinics: all of them kill people.

First of all, I would like to consider the factors that have a direct impact not on the mortality itself but on the family, fertility and reproductive behavior.

Despite these threats manifest themselves in different ways, they are closely related to each other. The nature of this relation is mainly of ethical and moral character.

Birth control attitudes in citations from world opinion leaders


The above slide shows the opinion leaders, including political leaders, experts, media moguls, who support the reduction of the world\'s population and the birth rate decline. Very often, people of such convictions are also for abortion, sterilization, legalization of pedophilia, equal rights to homosexuals, etc.

It is interesting that two of these people, who are against giving birth to children, are the fathers of large families. Bill Gates has three children, Ted Turner has five. It can be differently understood, but the double standard is obvious.

At the same time, these people are the part of the world’s elite; their words have strong practical significance and are accompanied by large-scale actions.

For example, $1.14 billion were committed in 1999—2009 by Bill Gates (through his foundation and some other donor organizations) to buy vaccines that block reproductive functions.

The total sum spent in the world to reduce the birth rate over the last 16 years (1996—2011) is $75.4 billion.


Source: Human Life International

The main donors for these funds were the developed countries that had a strong desire to reduce the birth rate in the rest of the world.


Source: Human Life International


One of the measures to control the birth rate is propagation of abortion.

Judge for yourselves. Human losses caused by abortions are 53 million unborn children in the United States, 250 million in Russia, 400 million in China.

Sex-selective abortions are now very popular in some countries, where a lot of couples do not want to give birth to girls. This phenomenon is also called gendercide.


In China, during the one-child policy 37 million unborn girls were killed. About 20 million girls have been aborted in India over the last 20 years.

Now, I would like to demonstrate to you the close interrelation between the above mentioned threats, which seem to be completely different. It often happens that one negative process automatically causes a few more ones.

Let us, for instance, look at the connection between abortion and stability of the family.


As it follows from the slide, those who encourage abortions most probably are men from the most unstable family groups—single-parent families, divorced-parent families, cohabiting families.

Another obvious interrelation: destruction of the family and popularity of euthanasia. It is quite clear that the idea of euthanasia sounds like a curse in a society with strong family connections and harmony of generations.


There is also an interesting correlation (through the example of the USA) between using of contraception and divorces, and also between having experience of premarital cohabitation and divorces.


Source: Human Life International

Couples that do not use contraception get divorced 18 times rarer than those who use it.

Apparently, this gap is caused by the fact that the spouses who are open to a new life and ready to accept it gladly have more harmonious and confidential relations. Their willingness to conception and giving birth to a child  demonstrates the positive family atmosphere, while a chronic fear of child-bearing alienates them from each other.

A similar situation with the cohabitation. The couples who had  experience of “trial marriages” (without marriage registration) get divorced 6 times more often.

The most dangerous and maybe unexpected for someone is the relation between homosexuality and assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy.


Ricky Martin, a pop singer, publicly acknowledged his homosexuality.
He has two sons born by a surrogate mother.
(Source: http://igossip.com/gossip/celebritybabyscoop_Ricky_Martin...)

A vivid illustration is a comment posted on a Russian homosexuals website in response to my interview to Fontanka.ru (July 28, 2011) where I defined the marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

This is the reaction of a gay-movement representative:

“...same-sex couples are seen as childless. If commercial surrogacy would be legal everywhere, homophobes would lose their last argument.” (July 30, 2011 http://www.gayrussia.eu/russia/2216/)

As you have probably guessed, those homophobes are we—people of traditional orientation, living in normal opposite-sex families, and the reason why they want to make us “lose our last argument” is to strengthen the propaganda of homosexuality with further legalization of same-sex unions, homosexual adoption, etc.

I have to upset those who still think that pride parades and other tricks of the LGBT community is only an attempt to protect the rights of sexual minorities.

The real strategy of this movement is to radically destruct the present social order—the family and the natural reproduction in the first place.

I would quote the homosexuals’ ideological platform called “Queer Manifesto” (1993) in evidence. Everything here is said very clearly and openly:

“Queer politics is no longer content to carve out a buffer zone for a minoritized and protected subculture. Our goal is to challenge the pervasive and often invisible heteronormativity of modern societies... Our task is to confront modern culture with its worst nightmare—a queer planet.”

(Source: Human Life International)

Now, I cannot go into details of various interrelations between the above mentioned destructive phenomena, and in conclusion I would like to tell you about another aggression towards the family and parenthood.

The most recent attack on the family and fertility is taking place at the same time our event is being held.

As it  is known, on October 31, 2011 a world population is expected to reach 7 billion inhabitants of the planet Earth. Of course, UNFPA and many other anti-family  organizations could not miss a chance.

They have organized a violent wide-scale campaign named “7 Billion”, whose goal is to persuade everybody that the world is overpopulated and  people need to strengthen the control of the birth rate. More than 100 major organizations participate in the campaign, many of which are somehow connected with the United Nations.


International campaign “7 Billion”: another attack on the family

All this is happening on the background of an unprecedented global fertility decline. All this informational aggression, full of lie and hatred of the family, has a hidden goal—to push up sales of contraceptives, to increase the number of abortions, to make homosexuality more popular, etc.


I think, here at the round table, we could give our expert judgement  about 7 billion world popuation.

We must welcome the 7th billion baby and warn the world that it could be the last billion.

The pace of demographic growth is decaying. The growth itself is provided mainly by only 39 countries of Africa, where, as anywhere, the fertility rate is declinung, though with a delay relaytive to other countries.

The world is going down to the non-existence. The international policy of the birth control, which is supported by the UN and many other influential organizations, is suicidal. This is nothing more that a denial of the future of mankind.”

We will be celebrating the birth of the seven billionth baby!

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