“Family—Demography—Future” manifesto

Gathered at the international conference “Family—Demographics—Future” in the University of Gdansk, we would like to emphasize that the protection of human life from its conception, protection of marriage based on the relationship of a man and a woman and the protection of the family is an expression of genuine democracy, freedom and human rights.

Protection of human life from the beginning of its existence, that is, the joining of the cells from the mother and the father of the child, is the primary responsibility of parents. Also, society should protect life and create the best conditions for its development.

In this context, consent for abortion, the destruction of human embryos as an outcome of in vitro procedures and dissemination of abortifacients violates the fundamental right to life.

The family based on the life-long marriage of a woman and a man is the primary and basic human community that must be respected and supported, while acknowledging its autonomy. We emphasize that one of the fundamental rights of the child is to be educated by both parents in a stable family.

Many European countries face similar family problems; including demographic decline due to low fertility, high divorce rates, an increasing number of children born outside of marriage, the marginalization of fatherhood and reduction of the educational role of the family.

All these point to the need for reflection on the state of the family and acknowledgement of its importance. This should be done in local communities and at the highest levels with the support of the Church and media coverage.

We appeal especially to the families themselves:

Do not doubt that you are unique, special and natural communities.

Defend your autonomy and your rights.

Seek the durability of your marriage.

Do not succumb to the threat of atomization by undermining the educational functions of the family.

Do not be afraid to conceive, love and educate your children. They are our future and hope.


Ewa H. Kowalewska,
SPLZ President — Human Life International — Poland

Gdansk, December 3, 2011

Дата публикации: 2011-12-25 01:08:06