The executioners and the mother

Dr. Imre Téglásy — president of Alpha Alliance for Life in Hungary, director of HLI-Hungary

On 28th of December 2005 we had a successful pro-life march to the city-hospital in Várpalota (county Veszprém, North-West Hungary).

The event had several positive signs since the previous hospital in the nearby city called Veszprém had joined our request regarding abortion-free days and we had received some good news from the board of the hospital in Várpalota meaning that they had the intention of joining the movement for life as well.

During the special (para)liturgic event we marched from our church tolling the knell, in the presence of our priests bringing roses to the building of the city hospital. I especially was enthusiastic on the event since my mother and grandmother were from this city. I met some elderly people who still remembered the legendary charitableness of my grandma who was the wife of the acknowledged, beloved and respected CEO of the local coal-mine.

Arriving at the entrance of the hospital we read our request to the ob-gyn who was standing before us representing the board and staff of the hospital. We asked him to join the list of 17 hospitals who had already refrained from doing the job of an executioner by performing abortions.

Dr. Misoundu Blaise, representative of the ob-gyn, promised us solemnly not to perform any abortions at least on 25th of March, the Feast of Annunciation and the Day Of Unborn Child, on 1st of June which the UN declared as the Day for Life and on the Day of Holy Innocents. We were happy to give our gifts (roses and different pro-life publications) to the doctor and went on together to plant a “Tree of Life” for memories of those who were killed within wombs before their birth. I learned at the same occasion that “our” doctor was the most popular one among his colleagues as well as among pregnant women. I also found out that he was designated to represent his colleagues since he refused to perform abortions. Four years later, on 25th of March, 2009 we exposed a memorial stone in black for all the children not let to be born before birth in the same nearby park.


Now I am reading in the daily paper called “Magyar Nemzet” that this ob-gyn from Uganda living and working in Várpalota has been arrested based on charges of illegal abortions.

The article depicts Missoundou Bertin Blaise as a person with good reputation, someone who has lived in Hungary for more than twenty years. Someone who has a 6-year-old son and used to have a large number of patients. Now there is a claim that there has been hundreds of cases when the doctor performed abortions without permission over a six-year-period.

According to local legends one of his colleagues found it suspiciuos that the number of performed and “legal” abortions was much lower than in the very same period of the previous year. Later on a patient spilled the beans by saying that last time there was no need for any form of bureaucracy at the doctor from Uganda. So the doctor was arrested and led away in his white smock-frock right on 7th September last year.

Nobody knows why abortion-minded women turned to him and paid him the sum of 60.000 HUFts (i.e. 260 US Dollars), which is more than double the fee to be paid for a “legal” abortion in Hungary. I personally suspect that these babies were more developed and elder, than 12 weeks of gestation, which is the limit for being killed “legally” in Hungary. You can expect that the investigations will give reliable answer to this question as well.

Based on the information available on this case, this doctor used misleading terms in his files to cover up his abortions by stating that some of the operations were in order to clear out the womb from the corps of already dead fetuses after spontaneous abortions.

On the registration charts 37 women were indicated to be operated on with cervical problems.

There is some allegations about the possible motivation of the ob-gyn, namely that due to the closing of the ob-gyn department in town the specialist lost major part of his patients and his income dropped. The minimum income in Hungary is 2424 USD per year. The average yearly income of an ob-gyn including the so-called gratuity to be given both for birth and abortion is 129 455,42 USD in Hungary. Consequently, the yearly income of an ob-gyn in Hungary is 53 times higher than the minimum wage.

There is a three-day’s waiting period in Hungary before performing a surgical abortion. The abortion-minded woman has to turn to the state-run Service for Protecting Families proving her pregnancy by a certificate of an ob-gyn. The nurse gives some advice on the possible solutions of crisis-pregnancies. After a second appearance at the office of the nurse the abortion-minded woman can apply for the termination of the pregnancy at the hospital which can be performed up to the 12th week of gestation. (In special cases it is legal to perform abortion up until 20th week of pregnancy.) In case of rape, or if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, or the health of the unborn child is severly damaged, pregnant women can have a free-of-charge operation.

The fertility rate in Hungary is 1.27 due to the relatively high fertility rate of the Gypsy population.

Having undergone this illegal abortion about a hundred women can face a penalty of one-year imprisonment. The doctor can face a sentence up to 5 years of imprisonment. In his native country abortion is not legal.

I do not know what could have been the real motivation of the Ugandian doctor to change his attitude for life.

There are ways from and back to Damascus in order to become Paulus or Saulus…

Three years ago an ob-gyn challanged by our pro-life pilgrimage in the city of Keszthely (Hungary) for abortion-free days claimed in the local television that he was “not a killer, but just an executioner”…

Regardles of all kind of these deadly rationalisings the result is clear: peril of millions of innocent lives before birth and deeaply damaged nations all around the globe. No doubt that along the long roads of these and other doctors, I mean “executioners” there were some warning signs both in Africa and in Europe and in all the other continents saying: “Thou shall not kill!”

Nearly the same day I got an email written by a heroic mother.

The young mother told in her letter that she was married last summer and

“by november we realized that we will have a baby. We were very happy about the good news and in January at the 12 weeks of gestation we went to the first ultrasound examination. Unfortunately it become clear, that our baby has serious developmental disorders: there are no bones enough for the skull, so the baby\'s brain is floating in the amniotic fluid freely and in addition a spina bifida has been discovered. All the doctors offerred us to perform an abortion, but we rejected it. I would like to ask you to pray for our baby and for us, too! It would be a great help for us if you could ask some other people to do the same for us.”

I wrote the following reply:

Thank you for the trust and for your pain and sufferings you shared with me. Now let me share some ideas of mine regarding the so-called “therapeutic” abortion. These days there is a false attitude regarding the child who has a so-called illness “incompatible with life”, so these children are treated like the illness itself. This is the reason why so many people think that they are clever enough to know what to do or moreover how to kill your baby.

However, this “therapy” is not a treatment of a disease or a pathological condition, and is not healing you or your child at all, but it was rather a harmful medical act (a “bad medicine”) which we call iatrogen, resultig in an adverse condition not just for the baby to be killed in your womb, but for you as a patient, as well. All the living entities on this planet are ruled by the law of God, the Creator, and He is the Lord of life and death, so He is giving and taking our lives due to His unforseen will.

This is the Lord whom you can hear in the Revelations by Saint John:
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.”

We usually mark our stages of life with the dates of our birth and our death, although this is not really correct since our life does not begin with our birth…

It is a cathartic feeling for me to see your heroic attitude. You are the example of the a rightous parent who really prepares and constructs the way of the Lord of the Creation. It is great that respecting the fate ordained by God you are rejecting to finish the period of life of your child just because some arbitrary and violent people want to regulate and limit this age and time.

I think the decision you have made is totally right from at least two points of views.

On one hand it is right when you do not give your little one into the hands of those executioners who feel themselves to be entitled to kill, and by doing so you protect the life of the baby, whose fate seems to be shortened by the Creator. But if the old saying is right: “The Lord has given, the Lord has taken”, that is taking lives is the duty of God, and not any men. I think your wonderful, living faith is rejecting the unlawful rioting against the Beginning and the End, and against the Lord of the Creation based on this special “division of labor”.

No doubt that this labor is full of pain and tears for those parents who prepared themselves and their child for giving (and not taking) life. However, I do think, that in its chastity this labor includes carrying the opportunity of healing through mourning your loss.

The healing power of mourning your child is stronger than the spirit of distruction and turning against your innocent child. (I am convinced, that the so-called post traumatic stress disease, or the post-abortion-syndrome after an induced abortion could be much deeper than that of a spontaneous loss.)

Meanwhile some ob-gyns try to justify induced abortions. Either they or the other nurses, health professionals usually do not give proper information about the medium- and long-term consequences of the bad medicine i.e. “abortus artificialis”.

The consequences are especially imminent for those women who are determined to terminate their pregnancy. However a deadly result could be breast cancer, which is a consequence of the disturbed hormone “household” especially during the first trimester. There is no information on sterility resulting from previously induced abortions either.

I think that these aspects of the biological aftermath support the relevance of your decision as well.

Finally, let me contribute with my personal example acknowledging your chaste and loving choice. Many years ago my first son Benedict was born. His sorrowful life lasted for 11 months. The cancer in his stomach (called reticulosarcoma) chewed and distroyed his body over the period of several months.

My little son finally became just a tiny bird, lost his weight and was similar to a mummy bound with tubes and gauzes to the ironbars of his bed and to the pains of this real world. He flew with his last wing-beat to the ethereal world of the Father / Mother of our Creation. Watching his sufferings, seeing him disappearing from this world I never ever had the feeling that I was not able to appreciate him as a gift of a treasure. He was in all his status more valuable for me than any other “thing” or “event” in my life, even if he seemed “ugly” for anybody else.

I still have the feeling today, that with his quickly disappearing and short life I was given a very special gift by my God, the Creator. I think that I have to say a humble thank you for Him for the misery and sadness I felt during this period of our son\'s life and death.

There is a Hungarian poet, called Árpád Tóth who wrote so nicely on "The blessed, intersecting knife of God”. The deeply damaged soul of the poet is praising the Lord appreciating a new spiritual beauty generated by his sufferings.*

And it is me who can now enjoy the miracle which was given to me later in the persons of my nine living children.

But this miracle of mathematics consists of ten children of mine and I am sure, that my early lost Benedict will accept this interpretation from the kindergarten of Heaven. He helps me to understand, that after a time of embracing the cross of pains and sorrows for and by him, now there is a time to rock the cradle…

Now I wish you the same blessings of the fertility of the body and the fecundity of the soul, that made me so rich and abundant in my life. I am sure, that your witness which is so appreciative both towards God, the Creator and the fundamentals of natural law will, offer you the new, sweet fruits of the body and the spirit. Amen!

God may bless the whole Family!

Yours faithfully:
dr. Imre Téglásy
president of Alpha Alliance
for Life in Hungary
director of HLI-Hungary

* Unfortunatelly there is no English translation of this beautiful poem I could share with you. I just found an Italian translation of it, see attached!

L\'innestatoio di Dio (Italian)

Soldi, salute, successo,
agli altri hai dato di più,
ma io non Ti accuso, Signore,
e non mi lamento con te.

A soffrire non sono certo il primo,
benedico la lama del tuo coltello
con cui mi trafiggi di nuovo;
della rabbia degli stupidi sorrido.

Perché so e sento che tu mi ami,
benedetto il tuo innestatoio
che serve per far sorgere
nuova bellezza in me.

Soffro, ma stringo le labbra,
so che è tua la mia lotta,
la mia faccia di lacrime è bella,
guarda in distanza e a Te somiglia.

Translation by: Agnes Preszler

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