Parents the primary educators of their children
\"\" Dr. Thomas Ward, founder and former president of the National Association of Catholic Families,
corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life (United Kingdom)


Plenary Meeting #4 — Sunday October 7th, 2012.

“The Family in a Changing World
and demographic perspectives for humanity”



In his previous papers to this forum Dr. Ward has described the internationally orchestrated removal of parents’ right on contraception, abortion and sex instruction classes for their under age children.

Today Dr. Ward will address the outlawing both of parental authority and of the transmission of religious and moral values by parents and the Church as a consequence of homosexual equality legislation.


Madam Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the privilege of speaking on the rights of parents at this, our 10th Anniversary.

In 2015 the United Kingdom Government with the support of the majority of politicians intends to legalise same sex “marriage” .

The rainbow flag of gay pride flying over the London Cabinet Office on the weekend of the fifth of July 2012.


I believe that:

Same sex equality legislation, particularly where it involves marriage, will outlaw the right of parents to be the Primary Educators of their children.

It will outlaw the rights of churches to limit marriage to people of the opposite sex.

It will outlaw the right to teach Christian sexual morality as objective truth.

Such legislation is advanced even though in the United Kingdom only 1.5% of adults identify themselves as Homosexual or Bisexual (1.5% male homosexual,0.7% female, 0.4% bisexuals) The Office of National Statistics survey.

In the U.K Aidan O’Neill QC, a distinguished legal authority on human rights advises that if same sex marriage is legalised parents who object to it being taught to their children in general classes will have no right to withdraw their children. The school will be obliged to refuse because of its legal obligation to promote equality. A parental challenge under the European Convention on Human Rights will have little prospect of success. This would also be true for a faith school in the state sector.

Regarding sex “education ” Section 403(1A)(a) of the Education Act 1996 imposes a duty on schools to teach about marriage, family life and the upbringing of children This would apply to same sex “marriage” .
Graeme Paton, Education Editor, Telegraph online10 Sep 2012
and http://c4m.org.uk/downloads/legalopinionsummary.pdf

Teachers who refuse to use textbooks promoting same sex marriage could be dismissed.
Graeme Paton, Education Editor, Telegraph online, 10 Sep 2012
and http://c4m.org.uk/downloads/legalopinionsummary.pdf



King and King

O’Neill insists that Government promises to protect churches will be meaningless because under the European Convention on Human Rights priests would be powerless to stop same-sex couples demanding the same weddings as heterosexuals.

“Churches might indeed better protect themselves against the possibility of any such litigation by not providing marriage services at all! Then there could be no complaint of discrimination ..”
Graeme Paton, Education Editor, Telegraph online, 10 Sep 2012

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights Report said on the the teaching of Christian sexual morality as objective truth: “a curriculum which teaches a particular religion’s doctrinal beliefs as if they were objectively true.. is likely to lead to unjustifiable discrimination” (para 67).

Some Catholic Bishops have courageously defended the Gospel of love and life, of marriage and the family.


For example, in Scotland where the words mother, father, husband, wife, marriage are not allowed in the Health Service, Cardinal O’Brien of Edinburgh has denounced politicians for subverting the meaning of marriage and redefining reality. He said this grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right is madness.


Archbishop Tartaglia of Glasgow said:

A Government which favours and allows for same sex ‘marriage’ does wrong... It commits an act of cultural vandalism.”

I could see myself going to jail... possibly at some point over the next 15 years,... if I speak out,


In England Bishop Mark Davies said

“Today we see a government,.. seeking to impose one of the greatest acts of ‘social engineering’ in our history by uprooting the legal definition of marriage. Marriage lies at the very foundation of the family.”

Anglicans, Evangelicals, Moslems, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children and the Coalition for Marriage with a petition with 600,000 signatures are opposing same sex “marriage”.


The French Minister of Justice said of same sex “marriage”:

“We are very conscious of all the philosophical and anthropological dimensions attached to marriage. But we consider that they cannot and should not clash with the requirements of equality...
We are in a state of law; the civil code will be modified, it will be imperative for everyone,.And this would constitute a ‘societal and legal revolution.”

The Cardinal Archbishop of Paris replied with equal French logic:

“the question is one of a future which is determined through the education of children.......the supposed rights of some do not erase the real rights others.”

Some fear that in France where mother and father will cease being legal terms “sexual orientation" hate crimes will obstruct the defence of marriage.


On the other side of the Atlantic on July 20, 2005, Canada became the fourth country in the world and the first country in the Americas to legalise same sex marriage.

In September of this year Toronto parents attempting to withdraw their children from a radical pro-homosexual curriculum were told by the official Equity Summit Group:

“You are all clutching at straws and have lost the battle...
...you should move to another country if you do not accept Canada’s homosexual laws.”

An Orthodox father who is suing the school authorities has been denounced by the press for a hate crime. Please note, parents love is depicted as hate.


Another cartoon on the same father. Please note attacking Christianity and a parent who loves his children is not hate!


Ontario has banned “mother, ‘father’, ‘wife’, ‘husband’, ‘widow’, and ‘widower’ from all statutes.


In Sweden, Germany and Austria some families who wish to home school have been fined, imprisoned and have had their children removed. Others have fled abroad.

Alliance Defence Fund and personal communications.


California’s Assembly California has on August 30, 2012 banned, indeed essentially made illegal, voluntary therapy for same-sex attraction in under age children.


This was justified by State Senator Ted Lieu said:

“The attack on parental rights is exactly the whole point of the bill, because we don’t want to let parents harm their children...”

Spain legalised same — sex marriage on July 3 2005 and in 2006 it imposed the teaching of homosexuality, Marxism ,blasphemy and atheism in schools.


Parents fought back.

53,000 withdrew their children from these classes.

A NGO provided lawyers, materials, tactical training.

2.300 legal complaints were submitted 84% of the regional courts ruled for the parents.

The Supreme Court denied the parents the right to object to the classes.

400 then complained to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of privacy of the children, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the primary right of parents to educate their children and discrimination.

Although the verdict is awaited the new government has committed to remove the Curriculum.



Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights aims to force sovereign nations to outlaw parental opposition to abortion, contraception and sex classes for their under age children.

2 July 2012 Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Technical guidance on the application of a human rights- based approach to Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights implementation of policies and programmes to reduce preventable maternal morbidity and mortality.


In the light of the above examples, I conclude that:

Homosexual equality laws particularly where they involve marriage are incompatible with the primary right of parents to educate their children.

But the law protecting parental rights is overwhelming, particularly

“The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”
Article 16(3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
“Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”
Article 26 (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human

Next month in Britain Catholic and Orthodox families will together host From Ocean to Ocean, the epic Pilgrimage of the Icon of the Black Madonna from Vladivostok to Fatima in Portugal. They will be asking God for the victory of the civilisation of love and life founded on marriage and the family.

The family depends fundamentally upon the parents’ primary and inalienable right to educate their children.

Without this human right a truly human civilisation becomes impossible.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no viable alternative to the the family based upon the parents ,the primary educators. For the sake of your children and grandchildren I beg you to defend the family and its right to educate with all your might.

Thank you.

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