Towards a new Civilisation of Love. Parents the Primary Educators and Protectors of their children
\"\" Dr. Tomas Ward, president of  the National Association of Catholic Families (United Kingdom)

\"\"Based on the speech at
the round table discussion
Family: Origins and Future of Civilizations”

took place within the framework of
World Public Forum
“Dialogue of Civilizations”
(Oktober 7—11, 2010, Greece, Rhodes)

Madam Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen, I deeply appreciate your kind invitation to me to address this most important conference.

I believe that the family based upon the life long marriage of a man and a woman is the fundamental human resource for the healthy world development to which all of us at this World Forum aspire.

I wish to juxtapose two models of world civilisation for your consideration: The Culture of Death against The Civilisation of Love.

My comments are based on the experience gained in 40 years as a family doctor with particular interest in the rights of the family in England. I will start with an autopsy on what I believe to be the Culture of Death as demonstrated in my own country.

I will then proceed to address what I consider to be the most crucial step towards recovery of our cultural well being—namely the creation of a new civilisation, the Civilisation of Love—centred on the family. I also consider that the first step towards this new civilisation is the restoration of the Primary Right of Parents as Educators and Protectors of their children.

But first on a note of hope. There are still many brave, good people in England who are committed to the authentic vision of marriage, life and the family. For example we have the largest pro-life organisation in Europe, the Society for the Protection of unborn Children without which our situation would be yet worse.

On the basis of what I am about to tell you it is my contention that London is the geo-political epicentre of the Culture of Death. Here is my evidence.

England—the philosophical home of the eugenics movement

  • Rev Thomas Malthus wrote that the poor should be sexually abstinent. Thus discrimination from the start.
  • Charles Darwin coined the slogan "the survival of the fittest"  
  • Darwin’s cousin Sir Francis Galton coined the word "eugenics”, formulated the science of eugenics and founded the Eugenics Society in London 1908.

England and religion

  • Without precedent in the two thousand year long history of Christianity, the Church of England formally permitted the use of contraceptives at the discretion of married couples at its Lambeth Conference in 1930.
  • We now have four generations of Protestants and two generations of Catholics without any moral and religious formation. This has resulted in a generalised relativism and pragmatism.

I will give two recent illustrations of this problem.

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr Rowan Williams who is now the Archbishop of Canterbury, has argued that the Anglican Church’s acceptance of contraception meant that it acknowledged the validity of non procreative sex. And therefore he could not absolutely condemn same-sex relations of intimacy. This could be taken as a moral justification for homosexual sex.
  • A not dissimilar situation exists among English Catholic Bishops.

    When asked by a BBC TV interviewer: “Some of their vicars (Church of England clergy) are also prepared to sanction gay unions. That church is showing flexibility. Is the Catholic church not going to have to do the same eventually?"  

    Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster replied: "I don\'t know. Who knows what\'s down the road?"

Happily the recent visit of H.H Pope Benedict XVI has brought great encouragement to Christians of all denominations.

Premature sexualising of our young people

  • A WHO report published in the archives of Paediatric and Adolescent medicine shows 39.9% of girls in England admitted having sexual intercourse aged 15 or under—the highest of any of the 24 European countries surveyed. The figure for boys was 34.9% having sexual intercourse under 16 years, the second highest in the survey.
  • We have the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rate in Europe. 
  •  In 2008 45 percent of British children were born outside marriage.
  • Our society has now been sexualised to the extent that some “experts” are pushing for compulsory sex classes from age 5yrs.
  • Even many Catholic schools with the knowledge of the Church authorities welcome into their premises certain government agencies. These agencies are committed to giving schoolchildren, under the age of 16, access to abortion, abortifacients and other contraceptives without parental knowledge or permission.


  • The number of marriages has almost halved in 40 years. (270,400 in 2008 and 480,285 in 1972.)
  • The mean number of sexual partners is 9.55 and increasing (Mori Survey of Sexual Attitudes Jan 2006)


  • 7 million since 1967.
  • 208,050 per year = one every 3 minutes.
  • Abortion is legal up to birth.


  • Since the birth of Louise Brown, the first IVF child over 30 years ago, in excess of 2,000,000 embryos have been discarded, frozen, selected aborted or used in destructive experiments in England and Wales.
  • In 2005 alone, 11,000 children were born through IVF but 191,000 embryos had been created.
  • Britain is the first country in the world to legalise the creation of and experimentation on human/animal hybrids.
  • The total numbers of human beings destroyed by abortion and in the course of IVF is about 400,000 per year. This equals the total populations of the cities of Cambridge, Oxford and York.


  • There is increasing fear that our relatives may be euthanased accompanied by growing public debate on legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Christian Civil Rights

  • In the United Kingdom a legal infrastructure has now been laid down for a massive attack on Christian values and therefore on our families. In particular the Sexual Orientation Regulations seek to privatize and penalize the authentic Christian teaching on human sexuality, marriage and the family. The penalties for breaking these regulations are draconian.
  • Using this body of law the rights of millions of Christians have been remorselessly overridden by the homosexual lobby although survey after survey, has been shown the homosexual population to be only 1-2% of the population.
  • All Catholic adoption agencies have been legally suppressed.  
  • Homosexual rights campaigners are now publicly campaigning for sex with consenting 14 year old children.

The financial cost of breakdown of the family

  • Costs of family breakdown to the British exchequer are estimated to be well over £20 billion per annum. (Social Justice Policy Group, Chairman: Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP - July 2007)  
  • In comparisonspending on defence in 2008 was £34billion. 

Political policy—the imposition of this failed experiment upon the rest of the world via England

  • Geopolitically the tactical value of the British Abortion Law was that it provided a common law legal model for the export of abortion to that quarter of the world which had previously made up the British Empire.
  • The World Headquarters of The International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International World Headquarters are both in London.  IPPF has more than 149 Member Associations and now operates in more than 189 countries; All organised from London.
  • The British Foreign Office is aggressively engaged in promoting homosexual rights worldwide. Following the successful model of exporting abortion law reform, via the Common Law Jurisdiction, the British government is now exporting homosexual law reform via Common Law Jurisdiction, the European Union, The Council of Europe and the United Nations. The loss of parental civil rights experienced in the United Kingdom will be replicated world wide

“The UK plays a leading role in promoting the rights of LGBT people internationally, including through intergovernmental organisations such as the EU, Council of Europe and UN, and through our overseas missions, guided by our programme for promoting the human rights of LGBT people. Our LGBT rights toolkit guides UK missions in advocating for the rights of LGBT people in their host country.” (fco.gov.uk/en/global-issues/human-rights/equality/lgbt-rights/ )

All this has been my evidence for England being the epicentre of the culture of death.

It is also my case for the necessity of the urgent restoration of the Civilisation of Love.

If our children are to have a happy future we must build a new civilisation of love based on the family.

I propose that the first step towards this is the restoration of the rights of parents to be the Primary Educator of their children.

The characteristics of this right:

  • Parents have the primary right to educate their children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions.
  • This primary right to educate is essentially connected with the parents’ transmission of life to their child and with their love for their child.
  • This right is therefore fundamental, irreplaceable and inalienable and not capable of being fully delegated.
  • Parents have an equal unrenoucible duty to educate their children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions.

The threat

  • This fundamental human right of parents is threatened by wealthy multi-national pressure groups which act through governments throughout the world.
  • In education the removal of this God-given right leaves our children without protection from premature sexualisation and now homosexualisation.
  • In health care parents rights are destroyed by the provision of contraceptives and abortion to their under age children without the knowledge or consent of parents.

The home is the fundamental school of love

  • There is no adequate substitute for parental love and nothing moves children to love more than knowing that they are loved.
  • Mothers who value their maternal vocation and their importance to the home greatly help develop the qualities of femininity and motherhood in their daughters, and set a clear, strong and attractive example of womanhood for their sons.
  • Fathers whose behaviour is inspired by masculine dignity are a model for their sons, and inspire respect, admiration and security in their daughters.
  • Parents have the beautiful duty to create a family atmosphere inspired by mutual love, devotion to God and their fellow-men.
  • Children are our most important task - more important than work, entertainment and social position.

Teaching authentic love in the family

  • Children quite naturally absorb sound attitudes on love and marriage without their parents even noticing.
  • Each child is unique with different rates of maturation.
  • The tranquillity of the years of innocence should not be disturbed by unnecessary information about sex.  However, it is increasingly necessary to correct immoral and factually wrong material coming from peers and the media.
  • Each child must receive individual formation on sexuality and only the parent is in a position to know what should be provided, when to provide it and how.
  • An essential aspect of this education is modesty and chastity.
  • Parents who educate their children in chastity can be certain that they are helping their children in turn to build stable and united families.
  • If, in fact, parents do not give adequate formation in modesty and chastity, they are failing in their duty to educate.
  • Likewise, they would also be very guilty were they to tolerate immoral formation being given to their children outside the home.
  • It is important to teach that the unitive and procreative aspects of the conjugal act cannot be artificially separated without damaging the deepest truth of the conjugal act itself. This occurs in contraception and IVF.
  • The immorality of pre-marital sexual intercourse, contraception and abortion should be sensitively taught.
  • Young people should be encouraged to intensify their Christian lives and not be afraid to give witness to their faith.

Associations of families

  • Associations of families are vital in providing mutual support at all levels.
  • They encourage parents to be more courageous in their demands of public authorities.

Public Authorities

  • In its own interests society must help parents regain their rights as primary educators.  It is imperative that society in its own interests assists parents to regain their confidence in their own capabilities helping them reclaim their legitimate rights as Primary Educators.


  • Other organisations especially schools complement parents as Primary Educators but only in the name of the parents and with their consent.
  • When a school cooperates, particularly in the area of sex education it must respect the primary right of parents.
  • Parents should politely and very firmly exclude any classes in the school which may damage their child’s innocence.

The Church

  • The good of the family and the Church are profoundly interconnected. It is now most important that the Church not only recognises the Primary and inalienable rights of parents as educators but actively promotes them. In this way the Church will encourage parents to have greater confidence in themselves.  It also will help parents to carry out their God given responsibilities.


It is possible to build this beautiful civilisation based on your families.

The Civilisation of Love is your civilisation.

It is God’s Civilisation.


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