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Looking to the future:
overpopulation or global depopulation
Fertility decline in Singapore:
will the “National night” become a night of love?
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Seven billion people:
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Sex selective abortions — scandal in Britain
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UK women now give birth later in life

Igor Beloborodov
Round table “Maintaining Family Values in the 21st Century”
at the World Public Forum
“Dialogue of Civilizations”
XVIII Asia Pacific Congress
on Faith, Family and Life

Farooq Hassan
The UN with the U.S. backing gives gay rights
an unprecedented international formidable boast
European Parliament debates on new Fundamental Hungarian Law

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Demography and Life: quo vadis, Europa?

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Hungary’s experience in the present demographic situation

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Positive demographic development in Croatia

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Surprising Son Preference in the Caucasus

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Single Motherhood Still Rejected by Most Americans
UN Agenda for 2011: Same As It Ever Was
U.S. Births, Birth Rates Continue To Decline