Thomas Ward
Parents the primary educators of their children
Study: Higher contraception rates
associated with higher abortion rates in Russia
CNN Poll: Majority of Americans Want Abortions Prohibited

Igor Beloborodov
“From Ocean to Ocean” World Pro-Life Campaign:
First 40 Days
From Russia to the World —
Pro-Life Pilgrimage Travels Across Europe and Beyond
An Open Letter to Melinda Gates

Imre Téglásy
The executioners and the mother
A dramatic call from Czestochowa (Poland)
From Ocean to Ocean
under the protection of Our Lady

Ewa Kowalewska
“Family—Demography—Future” manifesto

Thomas Ward
Parents as the first educators of their children

Igor Beloborodov
Child-free policy and anti-reproductive technologies:
an attempt to deny the future

Thomas Ward
Towards a new Civilisation of Life:
Parents the Primary Educators
and Protectors of their children

John Smeaton
Anti-life determinations
of the most powerful politicians and UN officials

Margaret Hartshorn
The LOVE Approach®:
Pregnancy Help Centers and Strengthening the Family

Brian Clowes
Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Brian Clowes
The Population Control Agenda

Joseph Meaney
Gendercide: Where have all the girls gone?
“STOP Abortion!”
International Pro-Life Campaign
The 3rd Moscow car rally for protection of unborn children was “heroically” broken up by the police
SPUC's International Youth Pro-Life Conference Was a Great Success
Russian Anti-Abortion Ad Mockups

Steven Ertelt
Pro-Life Billboard on Black Abortions Causes Outrage in NYC

Star Parker
Campaign fights back against black genocide of abortion

Walter Larimore, Joseph Stanford
Postfertilization effects of oral contraceptives and their relationship to informed consent

Farooq Hassan
European Court's rulings against Ireland's abortion law
The second Pro-Life Car Rally has taken place in Moscow and other Russian towns