The Swedes are fleeing the country

Sweden's population is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, emigration reaches record levels. Last year, 51,237 Swedes left the country. It is more than the peak reached in the late 1800s when there was an agriculture crisis in Sweden.

America is the most popular destination, again.

- The proportion of emigrants in relation to the Swedish population as a whole is not as great as in the 1800s. But the fact remains. Sweden is also today a country of emigration, says Maria Solevid, a political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, to SVT.

There may also be a large number of Swedes leaving the country who are not registered, according to Maria Solevid.

Many who are away longer than one year, forget or neglect to notify the Tax Authority despite being obliged to do so.

The organization Swedes in the world, shows in a new study that more than 660,000 Swedes now live in another country. That is seven percent of the population.

The most common country for Swedes to settle in is the United States, where 150,000 Swedes have moved to. The second most popular country is the UK, followed by Spain and Norway, all of which are home to about 90,000 Swedes.

In the study, people who have been living abroad for at least six months per year are counted as emigrated Swedes. The study includes the years 2014-2015.

The underlying reasons for the large and sudden emigration of swedes, are as usual not touched in the report.

Here is the list of the 21 countries that are home to the largest number of 'fleeing' Swedes.

United States: 150,000

Britain: 90,000

Spain: 90,000

Norway: 90,000

France: 30,000

Germany: 23,000

Thailand: 20,000

Finland: 15,000

Denmark: 15,000

Italy: 12,000

Australia: 11,000

Switzerland: 10,000

Belgium: 10,000

Canada: 7,000

Netherlands: 6,500

Chile: 5,000

China: 4,000

Israel: 4,000

United Arab Emirates: 4,000

Brazil: 4,000