The Growing Menace of State Fascism in the Child Protection Industry


This case really began on March 25 at the Titusville, Florida, Public Library when a 14-year-old boy coaxed  three-year-old toddler Sarah behind a book case and sexually assaulted her.  Sarah’s mother had briefly left the area to go to the bathroom, but it was a special children’s hour and Sarah had been left at a table to play with other children of the same age, whose mothers were all standing around monitoring them.  The staff desk was occupied as well and prominent on the scene, no more than five feet from where the assault took place. Heidi felt that Sarah was in safe hands.  There wasn’t an ounce of suspicion in her that a 14 year old there in the library would do such a thing.

The mother immediately called the police, and the boy was chased down and arrested.  Although he willingly made a written confession of what he had done right then,  the charges were dropped to a lower offense, and he was sentenced to 18 months of therapy.   Contrary to such an overtly lenient policy, he is a previous offender, and the rate of rehabilitation for child predators is only 3%.  What were they thinking? With no record, the boy is on no list that libraries might refer to in protecting children from them.  There are huge odds that he will strike again.

What is the philosophy that dictates this?   It’s been speculated that these pedophiles are being put back on the street intentionally.  After all, they are just kids.   Brevard County Sheriffs officers have complained that it is practically useless to apprehend them, because the courts simply won’t prosecute them.  They were surprised that the case involving Sarah was.  Sadly, 40 percent of all sexual assaults to children between three and four years old are committed by boys aged 12 to 14.  And their victims often become the the property of the state, moving from foster home to foster home two or three times a year until they can’t handle it any more and are placed on psychotropic drugs.  And it’s financially rewarding, a booming business .

DCF, Florida’s Department of Family and Services (often called CPS in other states) got involved immediately..  A Hotline report had been made. DCF, however, had no intention of giving any support to Heidi at a time when the mother was completely distraught.  This was no different than if she had been raped herself.  She couldn’t imagine anything worse happening to her.  Sarah had still been in the womb in many respects, was still being breastfed, and was deeply entwined in every moment of the mother’s life.  They had been as one person. As a mother, Heidi had adopted a very pronounced philosophy of allowing Sarah to wean herself in her own time, and to allow the process of stepping out and becoming independent to follow as naturally as possible   She was a vocal advocate of it.  And Sarah was in love with mommy’s generous boobs.  “Take a relax,” she would sing. “Have a boobie” to the tune of the 80’s hit “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  it was affectionate humor at its best between mother and child.  But what it was really about, as every mother knows, was the comfort  of just being in mommy’s arms, snuggling close with a nipple in her mouth. And for mom, it was the true spiritual heights of motherhood.  She was then, in the deepest part of herself, finding the true source of her reason for being.   But children inevitably grow up.   After all we are all born with an innate desire to find our own identity unique and distinguishable from our parents.  the child will eventually go to school, or engage in other social events with peers, and she will exchange some of that need for mommy for a broader group of friendships. But for now,  Sarah was her life.  She had never ever wanted anything more than to be a mother.  And mommy was Sarah’s life as full and whole as she could be.

Yet DCF now targeted her as though she was guilty of terrorism.  They knew nothing of Heidi’s relationship with her daughter, and very possibly would not have approved, had they known the truth. The truth stood in direct opposition to their objectives. And Heidi was especially vulnerable now, and she could be trapped.

On three different occasions, they forced Heidi to take drug tests.  They told her that if she didn’t take them, she could lose her child.  Yet they have produced no report or any evidence that Heidi uses drugs, or has ever used them.  None could be produced, for that matter, because Heidi does not use drugs.  So where there was no case, they decided to manufacture one.   DCF’s assessment of the relationship between Sarah and her mother was loaded with inferences to supposed irregularities that one should not expect to see in a normal mother-daughter relationship.  They proposed that these irregularities were sufficient cause for great concern that Heidi had, in fact, stolen the little girl and that she might be engaged in child trafficking.  On the face of it, by all appearances, it could be supposed that these DCF caseworkers were all struggling writers working collaboratively on a script for a horror movie.

Wild fantasies were not enough.  Titusville police, in collaboration with DCF, then went on a hunt for a missing child, targeting the states Heidi had previously had some connection with. They found one in Tennessee, a girl featured on a Facebook page, Zaylee Grace Fryer. She seemed the perfect candidate.  She had been born only a few months prior to the date given for Sarah’s birth, and she was of mixed blood,  And like an infinite number of other baby girls that age of mixed blood, she looked just like Sarah.  The child had disappeared when it was still a baby.   More intriguingly,  Zaylee’s mother had been murdered.

So now, to the weight of a great tragedy that had already unfolded, a ruthless killing is added.  To the torture of knowing that your child has been raped, you are now accused of being a cold-blooded killer.  Titusville police and DCF were obviously having a party creating this little drama.  The police of  Millersville, TN, where the child had turned up missing, were contacted and advised that DCF may know where the child is.

In the meantime,  Heidi had taken Sarah to Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando on April 29, 2015, to be checked for pneumonia. She was very sick herself and the child was sniffling and coughing. In addition, she was still trying to find out more than a month later what medical records showed regarding the possibility that Sarah had contracted STDs at the time of the sexual assault.  No one was telling her and she was growing more and more frustrated..

It was then that x-rays were made of Sarah’s chest and, while nothing as serious as pneumonia was discovered,  a radiologist indicated that there were anomalies in Sarah’s ribs that were unexplainable but that could have been caused by fractures. As medical records show, the reference to “possible” fractures somehow grew into simply emtres about  fractures  DCF, of course, seized upon this immediately.  Their Shelter Petition, a document requesting that the dependency court grant DCF temporary custody,  reflected then the fact that a Hotline report was made again regarding the fractures, with supplementary reports restating the conditions over and over, particularly regarding candid comments the mother had made about the library incident.  Heidi was telling the story because she was trying to get medical records on a checkup on Sarah for STDs.   The Petition stated over and over again the sexual assault, saying at one point falsely that a sexual assault had occurred several months prior, implying that there might be more than one, and unequivocally stating the medical opinion that x-rays “revealed a history of bone fractures dating to before the child’s sexual assault.”   This was an obvious fabrication.   What were in fact anomalies of unknown cause with no time frame attached as to when they might have occurred then became twisted into a bizarre allegation by DCF that actual fractures did exist, and that they were caused intentionally and brutally by the mother. Court transcripts will show that the attorney for DCF claimed, without a shred of evidence, that the fractures had been caused by the mother intentionally to control Sarah  (The judge, who, in another weird twist,  recused himself, saying that he wasn’t qualified to make judgments in cases like this when he should have dismissed the case, told  the DCF attorney she was lying.)  Another DCF caseworker explained the reasoning behind that allegation when she said privately to a Sheriff’s investigator that the fractures were an explanation for why Sarah was so well-behaved.  Guantanamo would love this woman.

DCF was obviously intending to paint the most grotesque picture they could of Heidi. This was one evil woman.

DCF wanted Heidi arrested and held. Had the Brevard County Sheriff’s investigator not refused, they would have had another basis for taking Sarah.  That’s how determined they were in pressing their case.

What were their so-called suspicions based upon?

1 Multiple visits to hospitals to check for STDs. (The insinuation was being made here that Heidi was trafficking her daughter in sex.  DCF, however, had blocked Heidi’s access to medical records related to tests done on Sarah after the molestation. She was very concerned and made several attempts to get those records.)

2. Mother says she is both parent and guardian.  (This is supposed to imply that the mother can’t make up her mind and therefore is hiding the theft.  But isn’t a parent also a guardian?  Since DCF takes guardianship away from parents as the most common aspect of their duties, they should know better than to ask such a question. )

3. The Mother does not know who the father is. (No, she doesn’t.   The pregnancy could have come from only one of two men she had had relations with. One of the men had left the country, and with a common Arabic name,  would never be traced.  The other man was black had also simply disappeared. In a mobile society, this is not uncommon.)

4. Mother says the daughter was born in Russia.   (If DCF had asked, Heidi could have produced a Russian birth certificate as well as a passport.)

5. The mother is involved in a strange cult called the World Congress of Families which is sponsored by the Russian Orthodox Church. (The ROC has a membership of over 150 million and is almost a state religion in Russia now. The World Congress of Families is simply a distinguished family advocacy association of which the ROC is a member, one of many church organizations across the globe. )

6. The daughter calls her mother Ms. Heidi. ( If Sarah did not call her mom “mom,” there must be something wrong here.  However, Heidi had recently been a worker in a daycare facility where most of the children were black, among whom it is culturally appropriate and a custom to address adults by their first name, with the prefix Ms. or Mr.  Many blacks have addressed me as “Mr. Paul.” Sarah also attended the daycare and began mimicking the other children, joking with her mother occasionally.)

Brevard County Sherriff Robert Fischer was not convinced at all that Heidi had stolen Sarah. he obviously thought the notion was absurd.   It was hinted in words that only slightly disguised his opinion in a report he wrote later that he could see through the machinations of DCF and was highly critical of them. He advised them repeatedly that they were on the wrong track.   Titusville police investigator Detective Cabrera was nevertheless resolute.  She had asked him to make contact with the mother and child and investigate the circumstances involving the alleged rib fractures, since Heidi and daughter lived within their jurisdiction. Following up, he met them at Nemours, and through deception, he obtained a sample of Sarah’s DNA.  He advised the mother that he wanted the DNA just in case Sarah ever turned up missing.  It’s real purpose, however, was to determine whether or not Sarah was Zaylee Fryer.  Perhaps Heidi should feel relieved that the sample was taken, but taking DNA from children is not a trite matter. A warrant must be obtained, or the parent’s permission must be granted willingly with full transparency regarding the purpose.. There was no probable cause to assert that Sarah was Zaylee beyond a comparison of photos of a three or four month old baby and three-and-a-half year old Sarah.  They could have found any baby of mixed race about the same age as that baby, and made such a comparison, because babies, given certain perimeters, tend to have a generic look.

However awkwardly inconvenient for DCF, Heidi was in Russia with the World Family Congress and was personally the guest of a Russian Orthodox priest at the time of the murder and the disappearance of Zaylee,  Based upon a chronological report provided by Heidi of her whereabouts, a subsequent check with Homeland Security verified the date that she had returned to America with Sarah.  But DCF then hatched another theory,  that  Paul Barrow, the author of this commentary, may have committed the murder with help from his daughter Arbor, because they were in fact living in Nashville at the time, which is no more than 15 minutes south of  Millersville.

So this writer was on the radar as well.  But none of this was fruitful for DCF.  Millersville sent an officer all the way down to Titusville to retrieve the DNA who then had it tested.  Sarah, as the test proved, was not Zaylee Grace Fryer.  She was in fact Heidi’s daughter.

The hospital could not legally hold the child more than 24 hours on the basis of any suspected abuse, so they simply didn’t tell Heidi.  There was never any discharge. The hospital should have formally discharged the patient, Sarah, after 24 hours, and informed her mother, but they did not,  and she just sat there waiting and waiting and waiting.  DCF had, on the basis of lies, instructed the hospital not to release them.   This was clearly a violation of law, since DCF did not have any legal rights at that point.   In fact, the discharge papers were eventually given to DCF, not to Heidi.  A Dr. Seacrest said that they had no medical reason to hold the child but they were not discharging her because DCF told them not to.  They discharged Sarah to DCF. No doubt hospital staff were informed that she was a suspect in a murder and kidnapping, and that DCF wanted to take the child for its own protection.  But at least 32 hours had elapsed before DCF came and took her.


Sarah has fallen unconscious in the arms of a caseworker, unable to handle the realization that she is being taken from her mother.

Sarah has fallen unconscious in the arms of a caseworker, unable to handle the realization that she is being taken from her mother.


Why would DCF conflate totally unrelated facts, distort others, and even invent others, and go so far out of their way to create a case?  An independent evaluation of the x-rays provided by Nemours Children’s Hospital conducted by expert forensics radiologist Jon Anderson of Leesburg, FL indicates that there was insufficient evidence to suggest that any fractures had ever occurred, let alone three of them, inflicted intentionally through acts of the mother. Anderson recommended a bone scan to try to determine more conclusive evidence. Otherwise, he was totally convinced that no fractures had ever occurred.  A bone scan should have been ordered by Nemours, but none ever was made.  While no one knows the origin of the supposed anomalies, a more probable source is rickets.  60% of children born in Russia have rickets because of the climate and long winters without much sun.

Later, a bone scan was in fact done at Florida Hospital in Orlando and the results were completely negative.  No fractures could be found, no rib abnormalities, no evidence whatsoever that the allegations had any substance whatsoever.  The only injury she had sustained had occurred since then while in the care and supervision of DCF, a dislocation in her hand.  .

The bases upon which DCF were able to allege that Sarah was not Heidi’s daughter demonstrate not only completely far fetched conclusions but a willful attempt to create a case where there was none.  They got the character all wrong.  Heidi was not a child thief or murderer, so the significance of their evidence dissolved on the spot.  What DCF was engaging in was itself child kidnapping.

What had just happened here is clearly an indication that the state of Florida, through its agency the Department of Children and Familes, has become a threat to the very fabric of society.  They look at innocence with cruel eyes. They see love as some sort of forced confession beat into children through torture. They invent tragedy. They see good where there is evil, and evil where there is good.   The objective seems to be a dark mission to destroy the very concept of family. They see nothing of the real spiritual, social and psychological aspects of bonding between parents and children and and rather propose that the village is the family and the state is the parent.  Any attachment between parent and child is irrelevant and not to be weighed in the overall picture.  Because those who make the recommendations and determine outcomes and receive financial compensation for them are in fact private contractors to whom DCF outsources 85% of its budget, this is simply liberal feminist fascism at work.



The reality of foster care.

The reality of foster care.



Men are payers only. Sugar daddy slaves. Unwed childless women sit in naked fluorescent offices and conspire to take the children of real mothers. It is not just because they can. America devours itself in its own hate and bitterness for what we have done to men, for our lack of balls, and for those women we have empowered whose values are framed around the disintegrated self, a self that knows only itself as a crumbled heap of war, tragedy and emptiness we spread like a disease everywhere. We see our self image and are horrified. Nothing is ever satisfactory. Everyone fakes it.  Fakes will do. Fake America, united we stand. And it is these fakes, masked as do-gooders of society, who have become the destroyers.

The massive abuse dumped like shit upon the child and mother leaves a permanent scar upon both.  Both were innocents, both were terrorized, and both must now breathe in sorrow the oxygen of a more cruel and ugly world.  The child no longer sees her mother as the indomitable empire of security and trust that is the true foundation for maturity and growth.  Now Sarah cannot sleep at night, she has an ear infection, and there is snot all over her face.

In addition, there are no condolences offered to those who have been accused of child abuse or neglect. Everyone stands off waiting. Just waiting. Friends distance themselves. Did he or did he not. Did she or did she not? Who can really tell? One’s life begins to change. Periods of loneliness run so deep that life has no value any more.  There have been panic attacks. Paranoia sets in. No one can be trusted anymore.   The accused is left alone to defend himself, or herself, against state charges that are shrouded in secrecy. The press cannot investigate. Court records are sealed. It’s between you and those whose agenda, we all believe, is a mission to protect and to do whatever is necessary in the best interests of the child.  Parents are sucked into the illusion of trust. The faith we all have in courts, in the justice system, in people we sincerely believe are guided by the highest principles, rules our consciousness and our conscience, and what the accused is left with is a system which delivers the verdict long before any trial has taken place: guilty until proven innocent.

More than 25 years ago, I was caught in this impossible trap. The charge: Neglect through no fault of my own. I never beat it. No one does. If I’m guilty even though the law acknowledges that I’ve done nothing wrong, what can I plead? Instead I fought and fought and fought and wore my adversaries down through slow attrition until I got my children back. i think the fight impressed them more than anything. It was my determination to hold on, because I loved and cared for my children. The proof was in my caring. Or was it?

To suppose that higher principles such as caring or the love of parents has anything at all to do with the outcome in such cases, I’ve since realized, is terribly naive. Carol Rhodes, a former CPS investigator/enforcer who worked in Michigan’s juvenile system for more than 20 years before becoming a whistleblower, puts it this way:

“it was about how to get federal and state tax dollars that were allotted. [Our] Director would say regularly, We aren’t the friend of the family; we’re a friend of the court.

“We stumbled over ourselves trying to get more [Social Security] Title IV-D cases on our records and to increase the child support orders, because the Federal government granted huge allotments for each case we “enforced.” In the years that I worked in the system, I witnessed regularly deception to clients that was mandated by office policy, I saw gender bias and discrimination, I saw records destroyed. I saw office policies and rules change from week to week for the profit of the agency.

“I saw hundreds of pleas over time for enforcement get buried because there is no money for enforcing custody or visitation issues.

‘Increasing the child support money that came into our office was the goal for each of us. We were rated for how much money we brought in.

‘Court hearings, warrant issues. We wrote the orders. My director probably told me that we were the darling of the circuit court and that we actually made money for the judge and the court — unlike the sheriff’s department and so many other county agencies.

“Our county or state was not an exception to the rule. We were one of the most successful counties, and we shared training with other counties and states so they could learn how to maximize their efforts toward increased collection.

“We were not only told to withhold information, forms, policies, laws and statutes from our clients with questions, but we were forbidden to help them obtain legal relief from unfair situations beyond their control. We were instructed to quickly help those who were demanding increases in child support, but we were threatened with losing our jobs if we should breathe a word to encourage an injured or unemployed payer to petition for a reduction of any kind.

“In the years that I worked in the system, I put my job on the line whenever I helped any of the parties in trouble. We were not to get personally involved. The best interest of the children or parents had nothing to do with that. I was accused of being a social worker.

“We worked closely with child protective services and family dependency agencies and they worked the same way. No one wanted to improve services or hear about abuses within the system, because every worker in this huge bureaucracy was trying to keep his or her job by covering up any errors or problems.

“I had six secretaries underneath me, unlimited power in my 401k and an office to lose if I rocked the boat. But rock the boat I did when I wrote the book Friend of the Court, Enemy of the Family. Families that were bleeding from the pain of divorce and separation were insulted, tricked, lied to by persons without adequate training to be making those kinds of judgment calls. Most of the custody determinations were made by unwed childless individuals who were totally unqualified to hold the lives of so many. Determinations were made on the most child support orders that could be ordered for each case.

“Fathers and non-custodial parents were stereotyped as payers only. The court and most caseworkers thought that fathers were unnecessary and possibly too dangerous to have contact with.

“This is an adversarial system. It encourages parental alienation and court battle, an elaborate game of winner vs. loser. Attorneys coming into the picture further divide the already fractured family and insulate the family from communicating with each other. When attorneys become involved, further charges of abuse, neglect and addiction enter the picture.”

When we see what kinds of charges they have leveled against Heidi, how fraudulent they are, and how irrelevant her relationship with her beautiful young daughter was to the monsters who have made successful careers out of devastating the lives of others, we can’t help but feel deeply deeply troubled. Who are these people? WHO? What has become of our country?

Giving the obligatory nod to perhaps some good that is done by Florida’s DCF is no longer warranted because any good is only occurring in spite of this agency’s action, not because of it. When the mission is money, then all become pawns. There is no mission to restore or to build family strength. There is no mission to educate or nurture. There is no mission that has any regard whatsoever for the best interests of the child.

Each child is simply prostituted to as many non-profits — private contractors — as possible, those who have become bottom feeders, taking advantage of what they can get out of the most weak or vulnerable among us. Psychiatrists, medical doctors, social workers, analysts, pharmaceutical companies, daycare facilities, food, clothing, travel, and those who want to use them as guinea pigs for drugs and all sorts of exotic experiments all have their hand out. At least 85% of Florida’s DCF budget is spent on these private contractors. And it”s a feeding frenzy.