Journalist crushed to hide dcf crimes

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office have arrested Brevards Best News Journalist, Dana Delaney Loyd, of Titusville for Allegedly Filing a False Report of Child Abuse and Stalking.

Brevard: Agents with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office have arrested Brevards Best News Journalist, Dana Delaney Loyd, of Titusville for Allegedly Filing a False Report of Child Abuse and Stalking

Dana Loyd wrote an article about the extremely bizarre framing of a white woman Heidi Peterson for kidnapping her own child then seizing her child without evidence or trial.

The two agents, Debra Christiansen and Robert Fischer then arrested Dana Loyd who was acting as an advocate to a girl whom she as well as police and therapists and social workers from North Carolina believed and provided to Brevard County Sheriff’s office as evidence of abuse by her father.

Dana Loyd was accused of making a false DCF report which is a felony in Florida the falsity of the report hinged on her using an alias to protect her identity from reprisal.   Dana stated her interests was only to get an investigation into the substantiated allegations of abuse.   The allegations which were never investigated by Brevard County Department of Children and Families (DCF) due to a gag order issued by the same Judge Maxwell who held a secret hearing and dismissed the mother, Heidi Petersons, claim of false allegations against Debra Christiansen who made huge false allegations, that Heidi Peterson was to white to have a dark child and must of kidnapped one,  in order to traffic Sarah Peterson, in the care of DCF.

Debra Christiansen nor her companions who created horrible story to destroy a mother of a mixed child, which Brevard County sees as a social crime, as they have and still continue to try to uphold Jim Crow laws, were ever charged with the Felony of false DCF reporting.

Instead they went after the reporter who reported on it.   Reporter John Torres of Florida today was spared as he published an untrue article fabricated by BCSO against the mother to continue the kidnapping and false detainment of Sarah Peterson after her mother demanded equal rights when she realized children of color are abused in the system for federal funding rather then protected.

Dana Loyd faces now about a year in jail which they refused to give her more then 364 days so she would not be transferred to a holding facility not controlled by the Sheriff Wayne Ivey himself.

Dana was not allowed to bring the exculpatory evidence to support her abuse claims into trial while Brevard Officers threw in the face of the victims who they committed many of the same crimes of false police and DCF reports against “We can commit the same felonies against you, and do what we want to your children, and we won’t be charged nor do we owe anyone police protection.”

Human Rights activists demand “The Brevard County shameful sentence, after a flagrantly unfair trial, against journalist Dana Loyd must immediately be quashed. They must ensure she is retried in proceedings that conform to international fair trial standards, or released.”

Brevard journalists told investigators that they are greatly concerned about the regular threats that they now face from both government officials and non-state actors, and that this is having a chilling effect on the media as a whole.

If the advances in free speech are to have a real and lasting impact on Brevard society, the government should take immediate measures to condemn all attacks on journalists as well as combat impunity of attackers. In this regard, the office of the attorney general should systematically carry out effective, impartial, and transparent investigations into all attacks on journalists and the media.