Swedish American’s Partner with Russia in an Effort to Prevent the “Feminist Swedish Nanny State Model” from Destroying Their Genetic Line

AUGUST 27, 2017 Sweden a country who prides itself on being the first feminist nation. http://www.government.se/government-policy/a-feminist-government/ Has implemented and influenced policies around the world which is the direct threat to Swedish People survival. The failure to protect the women and children is the most apparent. Sweden is called the “Rape Capital of the West” https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/5195/sweden-rape Sweden a socialist system provides housing for women and children. This vastly differs from the USA where feminist areas do not provide safe and affordable housing but teaches feminists ideas. Ideas which include the woman is independent from the man and the men has no duty to support or protect the women and child. This leads to a break down in society a mistrust between men and women and police and society. One can see in these feminist places like Brevard County, lack of protection is prevalent and women can steal others children and do what ever they want to them with immunity just as criminals can rape and rob and get away with victimizing the vulnerable. The police side with the criminals because it is easier then protecting the victims then they request massive federal funding for victims programs to fuel their nanny state. WCF This is destructive and rejected by those of high moral consciousness. Which few leaders in the USA recognizing the problems have forged a union to protect the interests of surviving the Family. Brevard county knows of this alliance and purposefully stole Heidi Peterson’s daughter, the daughter of a Russian Orthodox priest, the last child in the immediate Carlson Family line as a direct provocation against this movement. Judge McKibben denied paternal rights. They mocked the Orthodox Church and world congress of families in Florida Today and claimed they were insane, and a cult, another method of political oppression. Brevard County and the State of Florida forceful abuse of this organization is considered a Russian Provocation as well as a threat of genocide by the leaders of Brevard County and the State of Florida. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dima_Yakovlev_Law Allan_C._Carlson Allen Carlson from Minnesota, where the swedes such as the Carlson family originally settled, ( Heidi Peterson is from the Carlson family from her paternal family line ) started this conservative organization in alliance with the Orthodox church in Russia only for the daughter of the alliance to be kidnapped and exploited by the enemies of the family…. https://eastmimsflorida.wordpress.com/2017/08/27/the-natural-family-in-an-unnatural-world/ This was no coincidence but malicious and intentional show of power by the unbridaled illegal force of Brevard County Government as they sadistically tortured a rape victim and her family for profit and then tried to eliminate the mother. https://eastmimsflorida.wordpress.com/2017/06/10/the-growing-menace-of-state-fascism-in-the-child-protection-industry It demonstrates why this powerful alliance is so important because the usa federal government is pay for this, is not going to protect the family and is eliminating certain populations.