Children as political hostages

The relations between Russia and the United States are not going through the best of times and, perhaps, we are at the bottom. without going into political details, it is worth paying attention to the fact that relations between countries are not only a dialogue of foreign ministers and the work of the embassy. This relationship between peoples, reflected in thousands of fates and personalities.

Unfortunately, it's sad to see that countries have not reached an agreement and reasonable politeness towards children, and one such case is the story of Sarah Peterson, a mixed American girl with Russian and American citizenship. the child was born in Russia and was adopted by the Russian father, who took care of her from the time of birth.

For the third year already, as the Florida State Board of Trustees hold the child apart from the mother for far-fetched reasons. Although neither the father nor the mother has serious complaints, the situation does not cause the girl to return to the country of origin. In fact, the child was held hostage between the leaders of countries while the child himself is not guilty, but is punished in the form of excommunication from his mother. Indeed, there are contradictions between countries, but relations between peoples, which, like a mosaic, consist of thousands of fates, will not stop. Perhaps the fate of one child seems insignificant on the scale of the historical process, but the historical process itself consists of such particular cases.
In April 2018, the court will decide the fate of the Russian-American child and it remains only to hope for a reasonable, balanced and wise decision of the judge in the interests of the child, which are inseparable from the connection with the parents.